Marriage Entries from Bishop's Transcripts of Parish Registers - 1700 to 1749

Please Note - Everyone involved with transcribing these records, have done there absolute best to be as accurate as possible. As these transcriptions have been copied from old records, there will be mistakes for various reasons, therefore it is strongly recommended that anything you find always be checked against the orginal records.

Richard MORE of P[unreadable], Somerset to Sarah BORROUGH, otp - 29May
Michael PIKE to Sarah ARNOLD, botp - 02Jun
Giles HAYWORD of Rimeintrinseca in Dorset, widower to Mary STICKLAND of Melbury in Dorset - 22Jun
Robert SOMERTON of Yeovil in Somerset to Mary BOYNE of Lye in Yeatmister, Dorset - 27Jun
Isaac BUCKNELL of Othery St Mary in Devon to Elizabeth CORPE, otp - 11Jul
William PIDDIL to Mary MICHEL - 29Jul
Ffrancis RUSSEL, widower to Agnis FFOOTE, widow - 07Aug
William WITTERIDGE to Mary ZOOLSTON - 11Aug
Henry BOLTWOODS of Buttiswick in Essex to Jone ORCHARD, widow, otp - 25Aug
Robert RIDOUT, widower to Ruth RAPSON - 01Sep
Thomas OLIVER to Elizabeth LODGE - 17Sep
Bernard JUSTENS to Mary MORIEFIELD - 03Nov
John BUTT to Katharine HARBEN, widow 25Nov
Lawrence SANFORD to Dorothy LUCKIS - 01Dec
Grove LESTER to Sarah MUNINGS - 20Dec
Robert BRITIN to Abigail BROOK - 26Dec
John STICKLAND of [unreadable] in Dorset to Abigail HAMLIN of Batcomb in Dorset - 26Dec
Ffrancis HOBBS to Mary BRIGSTONE - 26Dec
James ROGERS of Stalbridge to Eliza AVOKE, otp - 01Jan
Thomas WA?F??D, widower to Mary GREEN - 01Jan
Georg DUNHAM to Ann DINING - 26Jan
William STEVENS to Hannah JONES - 24Feb
Peter PHILPS of Barwick in Somerset to Eliz. COWARD ?? - 01Mar
William OSMOND to Susanna KENNY - 02Mar

1701 to 1705
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