Mawgan in Meneage - Burials
1600 to 1699

The following transcriptions of the Parish Registers have been very carefully checked against any surviving Bishops Transcripts (see below) to ensure the highest accuracy possible. All spelling has been carried over the same as it appears originally as have been the dates.
(1) - These transcriptions have been copied from very old records, some of which are in a very poor condition, so a mistake is still possible for various reasons, and I would always recommend that you check the original records yourself. If you do find any mistakes, please let me know or if you would just like an entry rechecked please do ask and I will help as much as I can.
(2) - The only surviving Bishops Transcripts for this period are for the years 1681, 1683, 1684, 1686, 1687, 1690, 1691, 1693, 1694, 1695, 1696 & 1697.

1672 to 1678
There are no burials recorded in the Registers from May 1671 to September 1678

Richard son of John HUMFRIES - 17Oct
Thomas son of Thomas ODGER - 28Oct
John EWENS - 05Nov
Elizabeth HARRY - 24Feb

Clarence THOMAS - 14Apr
Petronell WILLIAMS - 28Apr
Mrs Mary TRETHWELL - 14Jun
Ann wife of Richard JOHN - 21Jul

Rabish EDWARDS - 25Mar
Rebecca PERKIN - 01Jun
Christian wife of Peter WEDLOCK - 10Sep
Thomas HANFORD - 30Sep
Ann CURNOW - 11Oct
Richard LAWRY - 16Jan
Ralph SYMONS - 30Jan
Benjamin son of Ben. TRAPLYN - 07Feb
Anne COITE - 06Nov
Dorathy ROWEWAS? - 07Feb
Margarit HEYDON - 15Feb

Christian wife of Richard CURTIS 09Apr
Peter BASSETT - 14Apr
Elizabeth ANGOUR - 17May
Henry TIPPETT - 13Jun
Thomasin BOSOROW - 02Jul [02Aug in BT]
Hannah BERWICK - 24Oct
Anthony SYMONS - 07Dec [10Dec in BT]
Samuell EWENS - 12Dec [date entered as 10Dec & surname spelt EWEANS in BT]
William son of Richard GAY - 07Jan [in PR only]
Mary TUDOR - 10Jan [entered in BT only]
Ann dau of Oyen TUDOR - 21Jan [in PR only]
Ralfe SIMONS - 12Feb [in BT only]
John BASSET - 16Feb [12Feb in BT]
Edward GAY - 20Feb [in PR only]
Phillep BISHOP - 10Mar [in BT only]
John JAMES - 18Mar [ 01Mar in BT]

1682 [No BT's for this year]
Anne MINTRELL - 12Jan
Elizabeth WEDLOCK - 01Feb
Mrs Margaret TREWINNARD - 04May
Richard MICHELL - 12May
Phillippa dau of Symon HARRY - 12May
Mary ORCHARD - 20May
William THOMAS - 16Jun
Richard JOHN - 24Jun
Joseph DOTSON - 07Jul
Katherine THOMAS - 20Jul
Thomas MINTRELL - 27Sep
Richard WILLIAMS - 15Nov
John GRUB - 12Dec

1683 [Jan to Mar have been entered at the beginning of year in the PR's, but at the end of year in BT's]
Peter RICHARDS - 10Apr [date 02Apr in BT]
(The Lady) Thomasin VYVYAN - 12May [in BT only]
William son of Mr James TREWINNARD - 17Jun [date 19Jun & fathers name only in BT]
John son of Mr James TREWINNARD - 24Jun [date 20Jun & fathers name in BT only]
Anthony son of William SYMONS - 03Jul [fathers name only in BT]
Stephen ETHORNE - 03Sep [date 31Aug in BT]
Mary WEDLOCK - 07Sep [date 31Aug in BT]
Christian WEDLOCK - 23Sep [date 15Sep in BT]
Gerrance TRENOWETH - 27Nov [date 23Nov in BT]
Ffrancis dau of Stephen THOMAS - 17Jan [in BT only]
William son of John GAY - 02Feb [date 31Jan & fathers name only in BT]
William GAY - 26Feb [in BT only]
James son of Philiemon CORNOW - 06Mar [date 28Feb & fathers name only in BT]
Susanna dau of Hugh LINE - 22Mar [date 28Mar & fathers name only in BT]

1684 [Jan to Mar have been entered at the beginning of year in the PR's, but at the end of year in BT's]
Thomasin wife of Henery HANCOCK - 06Jun [in BT only]
Sampson DIRRICK - 29Jun [surname spelt DERICK, date 24Jul in BT]
Hester wife of Ffrancis ORCHARD - 12Aug [in BT only]
Hester dau of Ffrancis ORCHARD - 13Aug [ in BT only]
Margarett dau of Leonard HANCOCK - 28Aug [entry in BT reads Margery dau of Leonard HANCOCK - 25Aug]
Martha dau of Stephen THOMAS - 04Sep [date 31Aug & fathers name only in BT]
Martyn BARRETT - 10Oct [date 30Sep in BT]
Margarett TRESODDERN - 06Oct [date 04Oct in BT]
Stephen LOOBY - 12Nov [date 11Nov & surname spelt LIBY in BT]
Stephen THOMAS - 29Nov [date 24Nov in BT]
Jane GAY - 09Jan [date 04Jan in BT]
Michell NICHOLAS - 12Jan [in BT only]
Alice wife of John MICHELL - 03Mar [in BT only]
Phillip RANDELL - 11Mar [date 06Mar in BT]
Humphry TUDOR - 23Mar [date 13Mar in BT]
Richard HUTCHINS - 17Mar [in BT only]
Willm HEYDON - 26Mar [in BT only]

1685 [No BT's for this year]
Thomas son of Leonard HANCOCK - 15Jan
William GOTREE - 20Feb
William HYDEN - 25Mar
Mrs Anne ORCHARD - 06Oct
Mr William ORCHARD - 13Oct
Mary LAWRY - 21Oct
Adam LAWRY - 29Oct
Elenor CURNOW - 12Nov

George MATHEWES - 17Apr [in PR only]
Edward THOMAS - 22May [date 20May in BT]
Jane SPURRIER - 16Aug [date 12Aug in BT]
Bridgett GAY - 17Aug [date 14Aug in BT]
John TRETHWELL, gent. - 26Aug [date 28Aug in BT]
Symon HARRYS - 26Aug [surname spelt HARRIS & date 28Aug in BT]
Philipp HARRIS - 27Aug [in BT only]
Johan HOLYIROSSE - 25Oct [entry in BT reads Joane DE ST CROISE was buried 22Oct]
Ffrancis VYVYAN, esq: - 29Nov [date 24Nov in BT]
John DAVY - 29Oct [date 28Dec in BT]
Phillip THOMAS - 31Jan [date 23Jan in BT]
Anthony GAY - 18Feb [date 12Feb in BT]
Elizabeth PSARSE ?? - 13Feb [in BT only]
Charles ORCHARD - 13Mar [date 19Mar in BT]
Anthony WILLIAMS - 17Mar

1687 [no burials recorded in BT's for this year]
Paull HANCOCK - 07Apr
John GOTREE - 16Apr
Richard GAY - 18Apr
Horance GABRELL - 03Jul
Peter LINE - 11Nov
Joshuah HAYMON - 13Dec
Sarah ANGOUR - 21Feb
Hanniball WILLIAMS - 15Mar

1688 [no BT's for this year]
Nicholas MANNELL - 06April
Elizabeth SYMONS - 14Apr
Thomas BERCAR - 02Jun
Phillip NICOLS - 05Jun
Ellenor THOMAS - 06Jun
Susanna WILLIAMS - 15Aug
Pakkis TRENOWETH - 30Oct
John WILLIAMS - 07Dec
Mrs Elenor TRETHWELL - 24Jan

1689 [no BT's for this year]
Alice CARBENS - 17Mar
John SLEEPE - 08Apr
John CURNOW - 22Apr
Henry HANCOCK - 26Jul
Phillip BURTEN - 18Aug
Mary MANNELL - 13Jul
Sarah ANGOUR - 24Jan
Katherine LAWRY - 08Feb
Agnes THOMAS - 14Mar

1690 [Jan to Mar have been entered at the beginning of year in the PR's, but at the end of year in BT's]
Dorathy OLD - 07Mar
Margery HANCOCK - 26Mar [date 06Mar in BT]
Jane FRISKE ? - 22Apr [in PR only]
Grace MARTYN - 01Apr [in PR only]
Christian LUKE - 12Apr [date 07Apr in BT]
John HANCOCK - 29Apr [date 23Apr in BT]
Ffrancis ORCHARD - 15May [in BT only]
William THOMAS - 21May [date 13May in BT]
Maree THOMAS - 12Jul [date 29Jul in BT]
John MATHEWES - 30Jul [in PR only]
Katherine PLYNTE - 19Jan [date 07Feb in BT]
Will. HARVEY - 27Feb [in BT only]

1691[Jan to Mar have been entered at the beginning of year in the PR's, but at the end of year in BT's]
Ann BOSOROW - 07Mar
Richard CORINAN - 02May [in BT only]
Paskow MICHELL - 16May [date 20May in BT]
Ffrancis NICHOLAS - 03Aug [in BT only]
Thomas BAUDEN - 04Sep [date 05Sep in BT]
Ann CORNOW - 11Sep [in BT only]
Mare TEOUNSON - 12Apr [in BT only, March crossed out]
Alice dau of Edward CARBENS - 19Jan [in PR only at end of year]

1692 [no BT's for this year]
Darcus MARTYN - 10May
Charity HANCOCK - 06May
John ?V?RARE - 16Aug
Julian EDWARDS - 15Oct
Grace HARVY - 29Dec
Zacheus PENHELLICK - 01Feb
Walter RODGERS - 08Feb
George HAWKINS - 08Mar
Thomas BODENNAR, Johan BILLINS & Barbara ROW - were all buried in Mar

Peter BASSETT - 28Mar
Richard OSBORN - 25 Apr [in BT only]
Elenor JAMES - 28Apr [date 18Oct in BT]
Loveday CARBENS - 18May [BT reads Marey CARBENS - 04May]
Thomas THOMAS - 19Sep [in PR only]
Katherine HEYDEN - 02Oct [in PR only]
Agatha EDWARDS - 03Oct [date 18Sep in BT]
Henry LUKE - 27Dec [in PR only]
Philip OSBORN - 08Feb [in BT only]
William ROW - 11Mar [date 18Feb in BT]

John HAYMON - 19Apr [date 17Apr in BT]
Mary JAMES - 27Jun [date 15Jan in BT]
John JAMES - 27Jun [date 18Jun in BT]
Ann NICHOLAS - 17Aug [in BT only]
Phillip OSBORN - [in BT only, day & month not recorded]
Grace dau of Mrs Grace SHEPPARD - 28Dec [in PR only]
Elizabeth MINTRELL - 15Jan [date 13Jan in BT]
Phillip TISE - 04Feb [BT reads Phillip TRENOWITH - 14Jan]
Richard GAY - 09Feb [date 03Feb in BT]
John HAWKINS - 27Mar [BT reads George HAWKINS - 19Mar]
Mrs Grace SHEPPARD, widow - 21Mar [date in BT 19Sep]
Phillip NICOLS - 24Mar [in PR only]

Nicholas SYMONS - 30Mar [in PR only]
Walter ANGEARE - 19Apr [in PR only]
Joan CAXREY died in Mawgan but buried in Wendron - 28May [inBT only]
Katherine TRIDGIAN - 17Jun [surname spelt TREGIAN in BT]
Rodah DE ST CROIX - 18Jun
Walter PLYNT - 11Aug
Mary MARK died in Mawgan but buried in Cury - 03Sep [in BT only]
Elenor BAUDEN - 07Nov
Henry GINNYNS - 15Nov [BT spells surname JENNINGS]
Margarett JAMES - 17Dec [first name recorded as Margery in BT]
Ffrancis NICHOLAS - 22Dec
John ROW - 22Mar

Walter DYER - 31Mar
Loveday TRIDGIAN - 13Apr [BT spells surname TREGIAN]
Grace NICHOLAS - 16Apr
John HEYDEN - 03Jun
Mary HEYDEN - 14Jul [date 04Aug in BT]
Johan PALMEARE - 06Oct [date 16Oct & surname spelt POLMEAR in BT]
Richard OLD - 27Dec
Grace WHEARE - 14Jan
Christian OLD - 27Jan
John OSBORNE - 29Jan
William TREGIDGIAN - 30Jan [surname spelt TREGIGIAN in BT]
Thomaslyn WALL - 14Feb [first name spelt Thamison in BT]
Wilmett MICHELL - 18Feb
Sir Vyell VYVYAN, Baronet - 27Feb

Tyberia TRIDGIAN - 03Apr [in PR only]
Elizabeth BASSETT - 28Apr [in PR only]
Sarah OLD - 09Jun
Pascow MICHELL - 15Feb
Alexander LAWRY - 01Aug [date 10Aug & first name Adam in BT]
Henry ROBERTS - 08Sep [date 03Sep and surname ROGERS in BT]
Ffrancis WALL - 24Oct
Johan BOSORROW - 24Oct [first name Joan in BT]
Ann HANCOCK - 25Nov
Johan ANGEARE - 22Dec [first name Joan in BT]
James MANNELL - 12Jan
Johan MANNELL - 25Jan [first name Joan & date 25th, no month in BT]
Andrew MAY - 04Feb [BT reads Andrew DAVIES alias MAY - 04Feb]
John HODGE - 08Mar
Richard ANGEARE - 12Mar [date 13Mar in BT]

1698 [no BT's for this year]
Stephen PERKIN - 07May
Richard GAY - 20May
Margaret EVAH of Cury - 22May
John MICHELL - 03Jun
Benjamyn TRAPLYN - 05Jun
Elizabeth LINE - 12Jun
John BURTON - 12Jun
Elenor RICHARDS of Cury - 04Jul
Elizabeth ROWE - 27Jul
Mary OSBORNE of this parish was buried in St Martin - 11Aug
Richard PRISKE - 03Aug
Nicholas John STEPHENS - 03Aug
Emblen PERROW buried in Gunwallo - 20Aug
Christian CLISE - 07Sep
Tyberia ROWE - 20Sep
Grace TRAPLYN - 02Nov
Edward KEMPTHORE - 19Nov
Peter MICHELL - 22Nov
Thomas ODGER - 26Nov
Katherine GAY - 16Dec
Stephen ROW - 04Jan

1699 [no BT's for this year]
Thomasin HANCOCK - 25Mar
James MANNELL - 10May
Nicholas PHILLIPS - 12May
Elizabeth BURTEN - 28May
Paull MANNELL - 19Jul
Joan HANCOCK - 15Aug
John SPURRIER - 25Aug
Honor MANNEL - 28Sep
John GRUB - 07Dec
Perken LUKE - 25Feb

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