Mawgan in Meneage - Burials
1800 to 1850

The following transcriptions of the Parish Registers have been very carefully checked to ensure the highest accuracy possible. All spelling has been carried over the same as it appears originally as have been the dates.
- These transcriptions have been copied from very old records, so a mistake is still possible for various reasons, and I would always recommend that you check the original records yourself. If you do find any mistakes, please let me know or if you would just like an entry rechecked please do ask and I will help as much as I can.

These transcriptions have also been checked against a copy of a book containing entries of baptisms, burials and Marriages (available on film through the LDS), that was done by the Parish Clerk from 1817 to 1890. For burials these commence from 1817. Where you see ---. and no entry number, then this burial is only in the Clerks book. There is no corresponding entry in the Register.

Henry CORLYON - 24Feb
John ROGERS, aged 90 - 04Mar
Cordelia dau of James and Mary ROGERS - 30Mar
Grace dau of Philip and Mary ORCHARD - 05May
Joseph ROGERS - 13May
Nicholas son of James and Mary ROGERS - 29Jun
Elizabeth SIMONS - 09Jul
Prudence HETHIER - 10Oct
Joseph son of John and Jane WEARNE - 22Oct
Mary MEAN - 14Nov
Daniel son of Edward and Mary CHENOWETH - 26Dec

Grace Thomas dau of the late John CHENHALL of Helston, gentleman, and Grace his wife - 01Jan
Benjamin son of John and Jane WEARNE - 28Jan
Samuel son of Samuel and Mary JOHNS of Falmouth - 01Feb
Charles MEDLIN - 04Feb
Thos. ROWE, jun? of Helston - 08Feb
Ann MARTIN - 20May
Elizabeth dau of Joseph and Elizabeth LUKIES - 28May
John son of Joseph ORCHARD - 21Jun
John DAVIES - 26Jul
Sarah wife of James WILLIAMS - 12Aug
Samuel JOHNS - 11Sep
Nancy dau of John and Mary WILLS - 13Sep
Elizabeth wife of William WEBB - 26Sep
Richard BERDINNER - 28Sep
Nicholas? son of Philip and Jane ORCHARD - 02Nov
Margaret dau of John WATERS - 10Nov
John MANLY - 09Dec

Ann HAWKE - 09Jan
Jane SYMONS - 25Jan
Susanna EDWARDS - 25Jan
John WEARNE - 14Mar
Stephen GRUBB - 07May
William MORCOMB -12Jul
Margery dau of Matthew and Margery PASCO - 07Sep
Avis TRIPCONEY - 10Sep
Jane dau of Roger and Jane JEFFERY - 11Sep
Richard ARTHUR - 24Sep
Edward son of Edward and Grace WILLIAMS - 08Oct
Alice dau of Samuel and Mary JOHNS - 20Oct
Elizabeth dau of Richard and Susanna DOWNING - 06Dec

Mary dau of Benjamin and Mary TONKIN - 18Feb
Rev'd John FARNHAM, Curate of this parish, 26yrs - 21Apr
Ursula PRISKE - 26Apr
John LUKIES - 27Apr
Alice JOHNS - 08May
Samuel DREW - 31May
George GABRIEL - 11Jun
Richard WILLEY - 14Jun
Frances BAWDEN, Fever, 20yo - 24Jun
John LYNE, 82yo - 01Aug
Jane BOND, Consumption, 25yo - 23Nov

Hannibal LYNE of Bejarrow, Decline & Fits, 51yo - 28Jan
Margery SYMONS, servant at Treveny, Decline, 60yo - 28Jan
Mary HOSKIN of Grainge, Consumption, 54yo - 17Mar
Francis VYVYAN, Esq:,of Helston, Decline, 33yo - 11Apr
Ann MATTHEW, 8yo - 16Apr
Dorothy ROBERTS of Tregaddro, 70yo - 09Jul
Charles JULIAN, Mortification of Bowels, 15yo - 20Oct
Martha Wicks POLGLASE, 15yo - 22Oct
Charles LUKE son of Dr. LUKE of Falmouth, Infant - 10Dec

John JENNINGS, Fever, 17yo - 04Mar
Mary POLGLAZE, Old Age, 80yo - 05Mar
Frances HOLLOCOMBE, Decline, 4yo - 17Mar
Elisabeth WILLS, Decline, 2yo - 21Mar
Elisabeth BOLITHO, Infant - 22May
Elisabeth LUKIES, child birth, 30yo - 24May
William HOSKING, 75yo - 08Jun
John EDWARDS, Fever, 36yo - 10Aug
Grace EDWARDS, Fever, 33yo - 10Aug
John BAWDEN, Fever, 63yo - 26Sep
Susanna HARRIS, Infant - 12Oct
Ann SIMMONS, Dropsy, 73yo - 19Nov
Elisabeth WILLIAMS, Infant - 04Dec
Joan JOHNS, Decline of Age, 79yo - 23Dec

Catharine LYNE, Decline of Age, 79yo - 06Jan
Thomas SIMMONS, Decline of Age, 74yo - 19Feb
Apply HODDER, Bad Leg, 74yo - 19Feb
William WHITE, Fever, 24yo - 19Feb
John WATERS, Age, 77yo - 12Mar
Francis ORCHARD, Age, 80yo - 21Mar
William HALL of Ruan Minor, Infant - 31Mar
Christian HOLLOCOMBE, Decline, 76yo - 07Apr
Elisabeth WILLIAMS of Killianchor, Fever, 22yo - 08Apr
Jane MEAN of Chygarkis, 74yo - 12May
Blanch JEFFRY of Gweek, 2yo - 28May
Charles Philip son of Vyell VYVYAN Esq: of Trelowarren, Infant, - 27Jul
Richard VYVYAN, Gent, of St Martin, Putrid Fever, 70yo - 04Aug
Alice dau of Sampson & Alice ELLIS, Fever, 7yo - 09Aug
Edward TOY, 55yo - 12Sep
John LYNE, Frenzy & Fever, 50yo - 29Dec

James WILLIAMS of Tregoose, Consumption, 45yo - 19Jan
Mary WILLIAMS, 29yo- 19Feb
James DAVIES of Tregear, Worn Out, 82yo - 25Mar
Hannibal LYNE of St Martin, Palsy, 56yo - 27Mar
Joanna WATERS, Decline, 13yo - 23May
Joseph son of Sampson and Alice ELLIS, Infant - 06Jun
Alice HARRY, From a cold caught from overheating 2 years and since decline, 15yo - 08Oct
Grace wife of Elisha MARTIN, brought from Probus, Fever, 47yo - 10Nov
Thomas FABY, Greenwick Pensioner, Suddenly in a Fit, 65yo - 02Dec

Abraham son of Isaac and Honour WINN, Infant - 22Feb
John JOHNES, Consumption, 17yo - 01Apr
Richard son of James and Mary THOMSON, Infant - 26Apr
Alice wife of James WEEKS, Gradual decay, 77yo - 08Jun
Thomas MARSHAL, butler at Trewarren, Palsy, 32yo - 01Jul
John base born son of Margaret ROGERS, Infant - 20Sep
Elisabeth JULYAN, 17yo - 24Sep
Nicholas son of Nicholas and Grace BOND, Infant - 22Dec

William son of Francis and Eleanor BRYDGES, Infant - 13Mar
Alice wife of William REID of Wendron, Cancer, 59yo - 16Mar
Margaret WILLIAMS of Gweek Wood, Old Age, 89yo - 06Apr
Henry PASCO, pauper, Old Age, 84yo - 26Apr
Mary HALL of Ruan Minor, 50yo - 06Jun
Mary dau of John and Mary JAMES, Croup, 4yo - 15Sep
Walter PRISKE, Broken Leg, 64yo - 10Nov
Thomas son of Henry and Ann WILLIAMS, 3yo - 17Dec
Thomas son of Thomas and Mary SALE of Melangoose in Wendron, Measles, 5yo - 29Dec

Betsey dau of Michael and Jane WILLIAMS of Lamarth, Measles, Infant - 06Jan
Richard BURGESS of Melangoose, grandfather of Tho. SALE, Asthma, 65yo - 07Feb
Mary DAVIES of Tregear, Dropsy, 76yo - 27Feb
Mary WILLIAMS, Cook at Trelowarren 50 yrs, Age, 79yo - 01Apr
Elisabeth JAMES of Wendron, Fever, 59yo - 05Apr
Jane TREMAYNE of Mawgan Bridge, Fever & Measles, 18yo- 14Apr
Cordelia wife of T. TREVENEN - Rector, Constipation, 48yo, buried in Helston the 29th - 24Apr
Samuel son of Samuel and Elisabeth CURNOW, Infant, - 11May
Jane HOSKIN, Fits, 39yo - 28May
Augustine GABRIEL, pauper, Suddenly, 72yo - 28May
Ann dau of Thomas and Grace LANE, Measles, Infant - 31May
Ann RUSSEL, From Treusince in St Martin, Palsy, 74yo - 03Jul
Alice HARRY, Starved from the closing of the Throat, 54yo - 25Jul
Martha wife of John LUKIES, Fever, 35yo - 12Aug
Mary GEORGE, Brought from Cury, Starved from the closing of the Throat, 76yo - 09Sep
John TOY, Brought from Helston, 59yo - 16Sep
Rev'd Thomas TREVANEN, Buried at Helston, 58yo - 30Sep

Jane EDWARDS of Bolossack, widow, Fever, 74yo - 05Mar
Philippa MORCUM, widow, brought from St Martin, died suddenly in Bed, 51yo - 10Mar
Mary wife of James ROGERS, Consumption, 64yo - 08May
John WILLS, Porter at The Lodges, Long Illness - 18May
Joseph son of James and Mary JOHNS, Abcess in the Thigh, 21yo - 23May
Ann DREW, From Constantine Gweek, Internal Decay, 18yo - 27May
Jane MEDLYN, From Releasas??, Consumption, 30yo - 29May
George WILLIAMS of Wendron near Carminow, Cancer in the Face, 69yo - 01Jun
Harriet dau of John and Rosevear BOLITHO, Whooping Cough, Infant - 17Jun
James TREGOWETH, Gradual Decay, 89yo - 20Jun
William ROGERS of St Martin, Fever, 24yo - 03Jul
John ROBERTS, Fever - 21Jul
Ann REED, Many years a Bealier??, 90yo - 13Sep
Ann wife of blind Phillip PHILLIPS, Many years a Bealier?? - 04Nov
Dorothy wife of Nicholas BOND, Many years in a state of great weakness 69yo - 09Nov
Mary HILL, Old Age, 83yo - 18Dec

Henry JULIAN, Consumption, 56yo - 08Feb
Michael WILLIAMS, Age, 87yo - 26Mar
Ann SECCOMB, Age, 94yo - 08Jul
Mrs Vyell VYVYAN, Burst a blood vessel, 35yo - 18Sep
Matthew STEPHENS, After very long confinement, 49yo - 29Oct
Elisabeth TROUNSON, Age, 84yo - 29Nov
Richard TRAPLIN, Age, 87yo - 12Dec

1. Eleanor base dau of Margaret ROGERS (deaf & dumb woman) of Goonhilly, 1yo, - 01Jan
2. Mary dau of William and Joan RICHARDS of Boskenawyn Downs in Wendron, Small Pox, 9mths old, - 11Jan
3. William son of Michael and Ann WILLIAMS of Killianker, Small Pox, 22yo, - 21Jan
4. Francis JEWELL of Garras, Shaking Palsy, 73yo, - 30Jan
5. Jane wife of Michael WILLIAMS of Killianker, Small Pox, 25yo, - 02Feb
6. Henry son of John and Mary ROBERTS of Tregaddra, Infant, - 03Feb
7. Michael WILLIAMS, husband of Jane above, of Killianker, Small Pox, 27yo, - 11Feb
8. Martha LUKIES of Carrinow, 90yo - 09Feb
9. Fanny BAWDEN of Mawgan, 68yo, - 10Apr
10. John WATERS of Trervince in St Martin, 69yo - 03May
11. Francis Ferris BOLITHO of Mawgan, died in consequence of a kick from a horse, 9yo - 26Jun
12. John WILLIAMS of Tregoose in Mawgan, Infant (2days), 08Aug

13. Elisabeth dau of Peter and Alice ANDREW of Mawgan, 2yo - 04Jan
14. Sampson ROGERS of Goonhilly, 72yo, - 03Feb
15. Richard son of Richard and Mary UREN of Goonhilly, Infant - 20Feb
16. James WICKS of Trelowarren Hill, 82yo - 21Mar
17. Henry son of William and Grace JAMES of Caribone, 1yr 10mths - 30Mar
18. Francis son of John and Jane TROUNSON of Relonrs, killed by a Wain going over him, 4yo - 28Jul
19. Joseph WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, 41yo - 13Jul
20. William son of James and Joan DAVES of Tregear, 4mths - 04Aug
21. Rev'd Sir Carew VYVYAN, Bar't, of Trelowarren, 78yo - 19Oct
22. Elisabeth dau of Samuel and Elisabeth CURNOW of Tregear, 9yo - 10Oct
23. Ann WILLIAMS of Killey Anchor, hung herself - 66yo - 30Oct
24. Elisabeth LAWRENCE of Gonhilly, died suddenly, 57yo - 09Nov
25. Peter PHILIPS, a blind man, of Mawgan CROSS, 85yo - 18Nov
26. Mary WILLIAMS of Trervello, 70yo - 19Nov

27. Elisabeth WILLIAMS of Degibra in Wendron, 65yo - 22Mar
28. William TREVENACK of Rosevear, 82yo - 03Apr
29. Sarah TREVENACK of Rosevear, 70yo - 02May
30. Samuel PEARCE of Mawgan Cross, Base child, Infant - 10Aug
31. Sarah Ann CARLYON of Trevina in St Martin, 35yo - 01Oct
32. Joan ROGERS of ?Notvin??, 75yo - 04Oct
33. James MEAN of Chygarkey, 6mths - 19Nov
34. William BOARD of Calenza, 74yo - 14Oct
35. Mary JAMES of Little Gilley, 74yo - 05Dec
36. Elenor HENDEY of Carneno, 71yo - 07Dec
37. John WILLIAMS of Roskimmer Downs, 14yo - 26Dec

38. William ROGERS of Clise, 6mths - 14Jan
39. John RULE of Penbo, 71yo - 28Feb
40. Ann CURNOW of Skyburrio, 80yo - 13Mar
41. Dorothy ROBERTS of Lower Tregadra?, 7yo - 16Mar
42. Grace ANGEAR of Clise, 68yo - 20Mar
43. Charles WITHAM of Mawgan Cross, 4days - 04Apr
44. John TOY of Killy Anchor, 6yo - 24Apr
45. Loveday Rogers SEXTON of Mawgan Cross, 85yo - 10Jul
46. Nelson TREGOWETH of Tangus Water, 17yo - 14Jul
47. Elisabeth TRESIDDER of Little Rosekimmer, 76yo - 01Aug
48. Amey RICHARDS of Belosack, 89yo - 12Oct

49. Mary LOWRY of Carmino Downs, 91yo - 14Jan
50. Grace WARR of Gweek, 27yo - 31Jan
51. Sarah REED of Roskemmer, 89yo - 01Feb
52. James ROW of Trennar? in St Martin, 12yo - 11Feb
53. Sampson STEPHENS of Mawgan Church, Parish Clerk, 88yo - 24Mar
54. William TRENOWETH of Mawgan Hill?, Pauper, Gradual Decline, 75yo - 16Apr
55. Anne CURNOW of Halliggy?, Fever, 18yo - 12Jun
56. James ROBERTS of Lower Tregadara, 1yo - 07Jul
57. Thomas Rowe son of Ann HARRIS of Relowas Common, base child, 1yo - 17Jul
58. Joseph ORCHARD of Trevasack, 35yo - 10Aug
59. John TREZEDDER of Roskemmer, Sudden death, 76yo - 16Sep
60. John ROBERTS of Lower Tragadara, Consumption, 37yo - 26Sep

61. John RICHARDS of Fernecome, Consumption, 72yo - 28Jan
62. Ann WARN of Gweek, Consumption, 33yo - 02Feb [Ann WORN or WEARNE in Clerk's Book]
63. Dorothy POLLARD of Chargarkey, Old Age, 70yo - 28Mar
64. Elizabeth TRICE? of Nance in St Martin, Mortification, 40yo - 01Apr
65. Mary TOY of Helston, Decline, 65yo - 05Jun
66. John JAMES of Garrows, Old Age, 77yo - 06Jun
67. Hanibal Orchard UREN of Trevasack, Inflammation of Bowels, 1yo - 20Sep
68. James ROGERS of Trelowarren Lodge, Inflammation of Bowels, 70yo - 05Nov
69. Thomas JOHNS of Tregadara, Dropsy, 27yo - 05Nov
70. John HARRIS of Rosevear, Weak Born, 3 weeks - 08Nov
71. Hannibal LUGG of Tregevis in St Martin, Fever, 19yo - 26Nov
---. Sarah LYNE, 77yo - 22Dec [entry in Clerk's Book only]

72. Ann DALE of Burgess in Gunwallo, Old Age, 97yo - 05Jan
73. Edward RICHARDS of Gweek, Sudden Death, 80yo - 10Jan
74. John UREN of Roseskiley Gate in St Keverne, Old Age, 77yo - 22Jan
75. Martha ROGERS of Kearnis in Mullion, Old Age, 79yo - 26Jan
76. Edward BOLITHO of Pond.laddra?, Fits, 6mths - 25Feb
77. John HILL of Mawgan Bridge, Dropsy, 63yo - 04Mar
78. Elizabeth TROUNSON of Tregeagra in St Keverne, Decline, 43yo - 28Mar
79. Grace BERDINNER of Landgwealha, Old Age, 80yo - 16Apr
---. Ann OLIVER, 1yo - 21Apr [entry in Clerk's Book only]
80. Mary OLIVER of Tangis, Decline, 3yo - 09May
81. Sarah Eve WATERS of Trewince in St Martin, Decline, 66yo - 04Jul
82. Joseph OATS of Helston, Decline, 1yo - 06Jul
83. Edward WILLIAMS of Tregoose, Old Age, 80yo - 29May (Omitted above)
84. Florence COOK of Garrows, Hooping Cough, 1yo - 12Aug
85. Henry JAMES of St Martin Green, Hooping Cough, 3yo - 26Oct
86. John WARR of Gweek, Sudden Death, 2mths - 28Oct
87. Mary EDWARDS of Carmino Downs, Old Age, 81yo - 07Nov

88. Edward LAWRENCE of Poliven Common, Asthma, 52yo - 18Jan
89. Vyell VYVYAN, Bar't, of Trelowarren, Gout, 52yo - 04Feb
90. Margaret TREMAINE of Gwealandria, Dropsy, 59yo - 25Feb
91. John WILLEY of Bersnoon, Old Age, 74yo - 12Jun
92. Alice SANDERS of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 83yo - 25Oct
93. Thomas BOWDEN of Langweath, Dropsy, 3yo - 12Nov
94. Mary UREN of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 75yo - 03Dec
95. James WILLIAMS of Gees Bridge, Fit, 3mths - 06Dec
96. Joseph ELLIS of Roseinthehill, Decline, 11yo - 27Dec

97. Susanna STEPHENS of Pondsladdew, Old Age, 69yo - 01Jan
98. Jenifer BULLEN of Vagg, Dropsy, 59yo - 13Jan
99. John Charles HARRIS of Rosevear, Decline, 5mths - 30Jan
100. James WILLIAMS of Gweek, Dropsy, 76yo - 11Feb
101. John TREWINICK of Rosevere, Quinsey, 31yo - 12Feb
102. James TERGOWETH of Tangis, Old Age, 65yo - 06Mar
103. Richard RICHARDS of Gweek Downs, Croup, 3yo - 27Mar
104. Elizabeth BOWDEN of Langweath, Decline, 4mths - 20Apr
105. Elizabeth MEDLYN of Relowas, Old Age, 86yo - 22Jul
106. William TREZEDDA of Halleggy, Decline, 54 - 26Jul [Surname spelt TREZEDER in Clerk's Book]
107. Mary UREN of Poliven Common, Decline, 31yo - 03Aug
108. Joseph DALE of Zula, Gravel, 74yo - 14Aug
109. Elizabeth DALE of Barnoon, Croop, 4yo - 07Sep
110. Peter RICHARDS of Bolosack, Inflammation, 44yo - 29Sep
111. William LUKE of Bolosack, Fever, 75yo - 05Oct
112. Rees THOMAS of Gweek, Sudden Death, 69yo - 19Nov
113. Betsey ANDREW of Gwealandria, Weakness, 1week - 02Dec
114. Joseph MARTIN of Chybilly, Sudden Death, 54yo - 10Dec

115. Mary JEWEL of Mawgan Well, Dropsy, 24yo - 01Jan
116. Edward DOWNING of Tergibmadown in Wendron, Mortification, 1yo - 24Jan
117. Peter MEDLYN of Relowas, Consumption, 48yo - 20Feb
118. Philip WYATT of Sandgweath, Weakness, 3hours - 20Feb
119. Jane LUKE of St Martin Green, Old Age, 78yo - 23Feb
120. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Killeanchor, Dropsy, 50yo - 24Mar
121. Joseph ORCHARD of Trevasack, Consumption, 70yo - 31Mar
122. Rachel CHENOWETH of Carmino Downs, Old Age, 84yo - 17May
123. Nicholas HARRY of Mawgan Well, Paralytic, 69yo - 24May
124. James JOHNS of Mawgan Well, Old Age, 73yo - 01Jul
125. Elizabeth DREW of Gweek, Decline, 57yo - 09Oct
126. Elenor ROGERS of Bolosack, Old Age, 83yo - 28Oct
127. Jane CHENOWETH of Carmino Downs, Cancer, 66yo - 28Oct

128. William Toy AIDY of Roskimmer, Veneral Disease inherited from his mother, base born, 3mths - 09Feb [William TOY in Clerk's Book]
129. Jane COOK of Ventengunnch, Old Age, 72yo - 24Feb
130. Elizabeth READ of Roskimmer, Decline, 62yo - 24Mar
131. John WEARN of Gweek, Decline, 3mths - 29Mar
132. Francis TROUNSON of Carmino Downs, Sudden Death (Coroners Verdict), 82yo - 26Apr [Frank TROUNSON in Clerk's Book]
133. Mary JEWELL of Pondsladden, Decline, 84yo - 28Apr
134. John BOWDEN of Pondsladden, Unknown, 4mths 17May
135. Celia PASCOE of Graige, Disease in the Spine, 3yo - 26May
136. Elizabeth MEDLYN of Gwendra in Grade, Decline, 18yo - 02Jun
137. Francis CHENOWETH of Carmino Downs, Typhus Fever, 48yo - 16Jun
138. Avis HALL of Gweek, Typhus Fever, 41yo - 02Jul
-----. Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 86yo - 16Aug [Entry in Clerk's Book only]
139. Grace SMITH of Halliggy, Dropsy, 61yo - 09Oct
140. Kedelia Davies WILLIAMS of Bolosack, Decline, 2wks - 15Dec

141. Mary TERGOWETH of Tangis, Old Age, 67yo - 01Jan
142. Edward ROGERS of Goonhilly Downs, Sudden Death (Coroners Inquest), 38yo - 10Feb [35yo, 12Mar in Clerk's Book]
143. Susann TYACK of Goonhilly Downs, Decline, 31yo - 29Mar
144. John WILLIAMS of Tregibna, Inflamation, 38yo - 02Jun
145. Blanch UREN of Trevasack, Typhus Fever, 23yo - 12Jul
146. Mary OATS of Helston, Decline, 69yo - 08Oct
147. Grace LUKE of Bolosack, Old Age, 85yo - 12Oct
148. George WYATT of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 86yo - 27Dec

149. James DAVIES of Tregian, Decline, 59yo - 01Jan
150. Susanna DREW of Taliguithack in Wendron, Old Age, 92yo - 07Jan
151. Thomas WILLIAMS of Meanlay, Weak Born, 4wks - 31Jan
152. Peter RICHARDS of Ferne Coombe, Palsy, 45yo - 04Mar
153. Wilmah RULE of St Keverne, Old Age, 88yo - 14Mar
154. Richard RICHARDS of Burncoose, Inflamation in his Bowels, 34yo - 18Apr
155. Elizabeth SECCOMBE of Trecoose, Inflamation, 11yo - 18Jun
156. William CHIN of Churchtown, Drowned (Buried by Coroners Certificate), 23yo - 26Jul
157. Ann RICHARDS of Ferne Combe, Old Age, 81yo - 06Aug
158. Eleann JAMES of Lemarth, Decline, 24yo - 17Aug
159. Emma WILLIAMS of Killianchor, Croup, 2yo - 19Sep
160. Florence WILLIAMS of Burnoon, Apoplexy, 75yo - 31Oct
161. William WILLIAMS of Tangis, Old Age, 90yo - 17Nov
162. Charity ANDREW of Church Town, Old Age, 87yo - 12Dec
163. Jonathan CORNER of Mawgan Cross, Broke a blood vessel, 54yo - 17Dec [Jonathan CURNA in Clerk's Book]

164. Ann WILLS of Halliggy, Old Age, 85yo - 12Jan
165. Susan LATTERTHWAITE of Penzance, Cancer, 61yo - 16Jan
166. Charles CHALK of Rosevere, Dropsy, 63yo - 09Feb
167. Mary TRESIDDER of Little Roskimmer, Dropsy, 56yo - 07Mar
168. Henry Tippet FERRIES of Gior Bridge, Croup, 8mths - 14Mar
169. Susanna CURNA of Garrows, Hooping Cough, 2mths - 25Mar
170. Ann WILLIAMS of Tregoose, Old Age, 80yo - 05May
171. James THOMAS of Tregagick, Mortification, 3wks - 20May
172. Mary WILLY of Hay in Gunwallo, Old Age, 82yo - 07Jun
173. Charles DUNSTONE of Carminno Vean, Hooping Cough, 4mths - 14Jul
174. Edward Lisle DUNSTONE of Carminno Vean, Hooping Cough, 4mths - 18Jul
175. Mary STEPHENS of Rose in the Bush, Decline, 24yo - 19Jul
176. William TRESIDDER of St Martin Church Town, Scrofula, 29yo -12Sep
177. Edward MITCHELL of St Martin Green, Inflamation the Lungs, 1yo - 09Oct

178. Jane JAMES of Nanstone, Inflamation in her Chest, 5yo - 17Jan
179. Thomas ELLIS of Mount Pleasant, Consumption, 32yo - 19Jan
180. Johanna HARRY of Mawgan Well, Decline, 32yo - 02Feb
181. William REED of Nolandown in Wendron Parish, Old Age, 72yo - 05Feb
182. Thomas COOKE of Ventongand, Old Age, 76yo - 11Feb
183. Hannah FABY of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 84yo - 13Feb
184. Alice JOHNS of Mawgan Well, Old Age, 91yo - 20Feb
185. Alice HARRY of Mawgan Well, Water in the Brain, 9mths - 27Feb
186. Edward DOWNING of Tregibna Downs in Wendron Parish, Burnt to Death, 5yo - 12Mar
187. * James ANDREW of Hallnougth? in St Martin, Inflamation, 7yo- 03May
188. * Joseph LUGG of Conlent? Bridge, 14yo - 24May
189. * Mary TONKIN of St Martin Green, Fever, 54yo? - 22Jul
190. * Jane TROUNSON of Tergague in St Keverne, Decline, 18yo - 30Jul
191. Arabela GILBERT of Church Town, 2mths - 04Aug
192. Grace JAMES of St Martin Green, Childbirth, 42yo - 23Oct
193. James ANDREW of Mawgan Bridge, Old Age, 96yo - 29Nov

* These 4 entries have had other names and details crossed out in the Parish Register and the above names and details were entered in there place. The crossed out names were - 187. Grace JEANS or JONES of St Martin Green, 48yo, 12Oct -- 188. James ANDREW of Mawgan, Old Age, 96yo, 29Nov -- 189. John DUNSTONE of Skyborough, Old Age, -- 190. John POLLARD, 72yo, 12Feb.

194. John DUNSTONE of Skyburrow, Old Age, 84yo - 22Jan
195. John POLLARD of Tangis, Gravets?, 70yo - 12Feb
196. Mary WYATT of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 89yo - 11Aug
197. Edward BULLEN of Gwealednan, Inflamation, 2yo - 26Dec

[There are 3 further entries in the Clerk's Book that would go between entries 195 & 196 above. Unfortunately the printing is so faded that they are almost impossible to read. My best guess is as follows, dates and ages are completely unreadable]
-----. James SP???E ??, 7 or 75yo
-----. Thomas TROUNSON
-----. ?Ann?? DREW, a child I think

198. Grace EDMONDS of Mawgan Well, Dropsy, 68yo - 06Jan
199. Jonathan CORNER of Garrows, Old Age, 89yo - 27Jan [CURNOE in Clerk's Book]
200. Alice FERRIES of Ponsladden, Old Age, 88yo - 30Jan
201. Grace CHENOWETH of Debna Downs, Dropsy, 60yo - 25May
202. John ROBERTS of Tregadra, Decline, 23yo - 15Jul
203. Elenor JENNINGS of Mawgan Bridge, Old Age, 82yo - 30Jul
204. John WICKS of Gear Bridge, Fever, 18yo - 02Aug
205. John HENDY of Halliggie, 73yo - 31Aug
206. William GILBERT of Garrows, 9yo - 19Oct
207. Jane GILBERT of Garrows, 12yo - 27Oct
208. James RUNDLE of Gweek, 1yo - 04Nov
209. Judith BERDINNER of Garrows, 25yo - 16Nov
210. Henry EVANS of Skybarrows, 1yo - 30Nov
211. James WEARNE of Gweek, 2mths - 02Dec [3mths in Clerk's Book]
212. Willm. Bullen UREN of Polwin, 6yo - 06Dec
213. Elizabeth COOKE of Garrows, 14yo - 07Dec
214. Mary PHILIPS of Mawgan Cross, 74yo - 14Dec
215. James TYACK of Boughair, 80yo - 15Dec

216. Elizabeth BOARD of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 80yo - 21Jan
217. Grace ANDREW of Callinick in Kea Parish, murdered, 62yo - 25Jan
218. Mary WICKS of Geer Bridge, Old Age, 71yo - 26Jan
219. Richard UREN of Polwin, Sudden Death, 78yo - 29Jan
220. Richard GILBERT of Geer Bridge, Decline, 22yo - 07Feb
221. William ANDREW of Gwelandrea, 7yo - 25Feb
222. Elizabeth MITCHEL of St Martin Green, 2yo - 16Mar [surname spelt MICHAL in Clerk's Book]
223. Amelia WILLS of Mawgan CROSS, 5yo - 25Mar
224. Susan GILBERT of Carleen, 7mths - 28Mar
225. Henry POLKINHORNE of Tregear, 3yo - 03Apr
226. Nicholas BOND of Rosevere, Old Age, 84yo - 15Apr
227. Joseph MITCHEL of St Martin Green, 8yo - 20Apr [surname spelt MICHAL in Clerk's Book]
228. William MEAN of Trevazick, 71yo - 27Apr
229. Elizabeth PERRY of Gilligabin, 7mths - 04May
230. Christiana LUKE of Mount Pleasant, Old Age, 73yo - 13Jun
231. William CARBERRY of Mawgan Cross, Decline, 3yo - 26Jun
232. Mary TONKIN of Penryn, Small Pox, 13yo - 24Jul
233. Mary Ann GRIFFITHS of Degibna, Fever, 14yo - 29Jul
234. Elizabeth DUNSTONE of Skyburrion, Old Age, 76yo - 30Jul
235. William JAMES of Mawgan Cross, Decline, 58yo - 12Aug
236. Grace BERDINNER of Carrabone, , Decline, 31yo - 18Oct
237. Mary THOMAS of Carleen, Childbirth, 27yo - 11Nov
238. Mary POLLERICK of Helston Downs, Decline, 55yo - 19Nov
239. Phillippa CARKEET of Killianchor, Decline, 7mths - 06Dec

240. Mary BOLITHO of Rosevear, Decline, 62yo - 18Jan
241. Mary WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, Small Pox, 5mths - 03Feb
242. Mary Ann LINDSEY of Pondsentuel, Decline, 13yo - 21Feb
243. Mary SYMONS of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 80yo - 22Feb
244. James ANDREW of Halnoueth in St Martin, Small Pox, 1yo - 07Mar
245. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Tregear, Fell head foremost into a deep well, 24yo - 10Mar
246. Elizabeth Davies ANDREW of Halnoueth in St Martin, Small Pox, 6yo - 11Mar
247. William TOY of Killianchor, 44yo - 22Apr
248. Samuel TROUNSON of Penvesor in Cury Parish, Decline, 17yo - 26Apr
249. Ann DREW of Gweek, Mortification, 64yo - 02Jun
250. Mary UREN of Polwin, Old Age, 82yo - 04Jun
251. James WILLIAMS of Gearbridge, Drowned, 4yo - 04Jun
252. Mary Ann TONKIN of St Martin Green, Decline, 21yo - 15Jun
253. Elizabeth DREW of Lower Farm in Wendron Parish, Small Pox, 25yo - 06Jul
254. Jane HOLLSCOMBE of Helston, Decline, 65yo - 11Aug
255. Joseph WEARNE of Gweek, Croup, 3yo - 18Sep
256. William HENDY of Helston Downs, Mortification, 57yo - 31Oct
257. Frances EDWARDS of Nanslone, Croup, 2yo - 09Nov
258. Jane BULLEN of Gwealionan, Croup, 3yo - 14Nov
259. John BARKER of Garrows, Croup, 2yo - 24Dec
260. Mary Jane DAVIES of Landgweath, Croup, 2yo - 27Dec

261. Thomas DALE of Gilly, Croup, 1yo - 21Jan
262. Avis TREGUNNA of Trelowarren, Inflamation in Intestines, 68yo - 27Jan
263. Henry Trewinack WILLIAMS of Gweek, Inflamation, 2yo - 09Feb
264. Judith BERDINNER of Garrows, Old Age, 70yo - 22Feb
265. Sarah BOLITHO of Halligay, Decline, 35yo - 12Mar
266. Ann DOWNING of Degibna, Fever, 3yo - 23Mar
267. John RULE of Pulewerack in St Keverne, Inflamation, 54yo - 10Apr
268. Henry JAMES of Boughin, Old Age, 82yo - 28Apr
269. George Johns JAMES of Mawgan Cross, Croup, 4wks - 16May
270. Elizabeth JAMES of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 80yo - 17Jun
271. Elizath. Jane WILLIAMS of Degibna, Inflamation, 2yo - 17Jun
272. Mary DOWNING of Tregoose, Old Age, 70yo - 18Jun
273. Ann WILLIAMS of Meanlay, Old Age, 86yo - 17Jul
274. Jane WILLIAMS of Gurbridge, Decline, 7yo - 17Jul
275. Elizabeth BOLITHO of Rosevear, Old Age, 93yo - 03Sep
276. Rebecca JULIAN of Gillygabben, Old Age, 77yo - 08Sep
277. Mary Jane SCHOLER of Killy Anchor, Hooping Cough, 2yo - 19Sep
278. Elizabeth PERRY of Rosevear, Decline, 1yo- 04Oct
279. John CHALK of Rosevear, Decline, 22yo - 26Dec

280. Joan WILLEY of Treak in Cury, Old Age, 70yo - 23Jan
281. Elizabeth PERRY of Rosevear, Decline, 30yo - 22Feb
282. Grace Luke ELLIS of Mount Pleasant, Decline, 35yo - 13Mar
283. Jane JAMES of Binghar, Old Age, 90yo - 25Mar
284. John WICKS of Trelowarren Mills, Decline, 32yo - 17Apr
285. Caroline WERN of Gweek, Croup, 2yo - 28May
286. John OATS of Helston, Old Age, 72yo - 31May
287. Joseph WERN of Gweek, Croup, 1yo - 11Jun
288. Elenor Jane HARRIS of Meanlay, Measles, 1yo - 27Jun
289. John WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, Inflamation in the Brain, 7yo - 01Jul
290. Christopher OATS of Trevasack, Old Age, 81yo - 02Jul
291. Thomas Hollocombe WICKS of Mawgan Cross, Water on the Brain, 10yo - 10Jul
292. Elizabeth DOWNING of Tregoose, Decline, 24yo - 16Jul
293. Nicholas BOLITHO of Carleen, Decline, 1yo - 17Aug
294. Susanna DAVIES of Bejurrow, Inflamation, 58yo - 21Aug
295. Edward WILLIAMS of Rose In The Bush, Old Age, 77yo - 03Sep
296. Jane JAMES of Tregoose, Decline, 1yo - 11Sep
297. James THOMPSON of Goonhilly Downs, Decline, 71yo - 18Sep
298. Richard WALTERS of Grainge, Inflamation, 38yo - 11Oct
299. John CURNO of Halliggy, Decline, 67yo - 25Oct
300. Richard ODGERS of Phillack, Rupture, 19yo - 25Oct
301. Peter WILLIAMS of Gweek, Fever, 7yo - 29Oct

302. Jane LYNE of Tregoose, Decline, 3mths - 14Jan
303. Grace BOND of Rosevear, Decline, 28yo - 16Jan
304. William EDWARDS of Mawgan Well, Old Age, 76yo - 14Feb
305. Henry HARRY of Mawgan Well, Small Pox, 1yr6mths - 20Feb
306. Joseph Dale LUGG of Zula, Small Pox, 5yo - 12Mar
320. John DAVIES of Bojorrah, Old Age, 75yo - 15Mar
321. Mary DOWNING of Tregoose Common, Child Birth, 21yo - 15Mar
322. John ROWE of Tregoose Common, 1wk - 20Mar
323. James WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, Decline, 60yo - 25Mar
324. William ORCHARD of Carrabone, Small Pox, 18mths - 21Apr
325. Elizabeth RICHARDS of Fernecombe, Small Pox, 13yo - 29Apr
326. William GILBART of Gear Bridge, Decline, 29yo - 01May
327. James WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, Small Pox, 2yo - 05May
328. Mary Jane FORD of Mawgan Cross, 4mths - 09Jun
329. John WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, Small Pox, 8mths - 11Jun
330. Nicholas BOLITHO of Carleen, Small Pox, 12days - 11Jun
307. John MARK of Conlent, Mortification, 7mths - 23Jun
308. John SMITH of Nance in St Martin, Old Age, 79yo - 26Jun
309. Mary Ann JAMES of Furze Clothes, Decline, 11yo - 08Jul
310. John HOSKING of Halliggy, Inflamation, 3yo - 05Aug
311. Ann MITCHELL of St Martin Green, Fever, 3yo - 10Aug
331. Ann Maria ROSKILLY of Nance in St Martin, Fever, 3yo - 24Aug
332. Philippa HOSKING of Halliggy, Fever, 12yo - 26Aug
333. James SECOMBE of Polwin in Parish of Cury, Decline, 5wks - 03Oct
334. Thomas JAMES of Nanceaver, Old Age, 74yo - 17Nov
335. Elizabeth STEVENS of Pondsladden, Fever, 54yo - 29Nov
336. John PRYOR of Gunhilly Downs, 5yo - 07Dec
337. Grace WORN of Gweek, Dropsy, 42yo - 18Dec

During 1834 11 Burial entries were omitted and these were then entered in the register from entry number 320 on page 40.
Another 7 Burials were omiited at the end of the year and these are entered in the Register on Page 42 from entry 331.

312. Elizabeth HARRIS of Carleen, Fever, 5yo - 15Feb
313. Richard MAYNE of Chugarky, 74yo - 23Mar
314. Mary BULLEN of Degibna Mawgan Marsh, Decline, 56yo - 02Mar
315. Nicholas BOND of Rosevear, Decline, 23yo - 08Apr
316. Richd. WATERS of Trevilgin, Inflamation, 25yo - 04Jul
317. Ann WILLIAMS of Mainlay, Dropsy, 53yo - 13Jul
318. Nichs. LUCAS of Tangus, Paralytic, 34yo - 31Jul [Nicholas LUKIES in Clerk's Book]
319. Jane ROGERS of Penbough, Decline, 20yo - 05Aug
338. Grace SECCOMBE of Gwealednan, Felo de Se (being out of her mind), 45yo - 28Sep
339. Mary JOHNS of Calenso, Old Age, 74yo - 06Oct
340. Mary RICHARDS of Ferny Combe, Bowel Complaint, 1mth - 08Oct
341. Susan JAMES of Ponsladden, Decline, 2mths - 14Oct
342. Joseph WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, Water in the Head, 7yo - 22Dec

343. Elizabeth CURNO of Garras, Inflamation within, 58yo - 23Feb
344. William WILLIAMS of Mawgan Well, 7days - 23Feb
345. Ann SPARGO of Rose in the Bush, Suddenly, 88yo - 29Feb
346. Richard WATERS of Trevilgin, Decline, 67yo - 17Mar
347. James ODGERS of Burnoon, Decline, 18yo - 22Mar
348. Richard DOWNING of Tregoose, Paralytic Stroke , 81yo - 29Mar
349. James SECOMBE of Polwin, Stomach Complaint, 66yo - 12Apr
350. John JENNINGS of Church Town, Old Age, 82yo - 17Apr
351. Jane GILL of Gweek, Sudden Death, 61yo - 18Apr
352. Jeremiah MURRISH of Pentair, Decline, 66yo - 10Jun
353. Margaret RASLEIGH of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 76yo - 27Jun
354. James WILLIAMS of Mawgan Well, Decline, 69yo - 01Sep
355. Grace TOY of Killianchor, Old Age, 63yo - 20Sep
356. Anne DAWE of Goonhilly, Old Age, 70yo - 23Sep
357. Ann LYNE of Tregoose, Decline, 38yo - 24Oct
358. Johannah JAMES of Ponds Ladden, Fever, 9yo - 01Nov
359. Mary WILLIAMS of Tregoose, Decline, 14yo - 22Nov
360. Elizabeth TREWENNACK of Rosevear, Dropsy, 80yo - 25Nov

361. Peter WILLIAMS of Cross, 2yo - 16Jan
362. Alexander WICKS of Gear Bridge, Old Age & Influenza, 76yo - 06Feb
363. John BOWDEN of Burnoon, Decline, 28yo - 13Mar
364. Daniel CHENOWETH of Degibrael in Wendron, Paralytic Stroke, 69yo - 22Mar
365. Michael WILLIAMS of Mount Pleasant, Decline, 64yo - 27Mar
366. Rachel TONKIN of St Martin Green, Decline, 65yo - 17Apr
367. Mary GILBERT of Gear Bridge, Apoplexy, 67yo - 05May
368. John Gamaliel DAVIES of Gwealeath, Measles, 10mths - 07May
369. Edward PRIOR of Goonhilly Downs, Decline, 38yo - 09May
370. Thomas PRIOR of Langweath, Inflamation in Bowels, 3days - 22May
371. Benjamin WEARNE of Gweek, Decline, 4mths - 26May
372. William CARLYON of Tregear, Decline, 1yo - 29May
373. Jane ODGERS of Burnoon, Decline, 60yo - 18Jun
374. Nicholas ROGERS of Polwyn, Old Age, 84yo - 24Aug
375. Louisa Jane Bishop DAVIES of Baromilor in St Martin, Hooping Cough, 11mths - 07Sep
376. Mary WILLIAMS of Gwealednan, English Cholera, 60yo - 28Sep
377. Henry WILLIAMS of Lower Pencoose in Wendron, Decline, 70yo - 29Nov
378. Anthony FERRIS of Goonhilly Downs, Suddenly, 65yo - 07Dec

379. William DUNSTONE of Skyburrowe, Suddenly, 8yo - 18Jan
380. Samuel Trounson JOHNS of Whitecross in Cury Parish, Decline, 10mths - 03Feb
381. William Williams BERDINNER of Whitecross in Cury Parish, Burnt to death, 4yo - 18Feb
382. Robert MEDLYN of Tergear, Decline, 72yo - 20Feb
383. William JAMES of Cross, Abcess, 35yo - 29Mar
384. James RULE of Constantine, Decline, 58yo - 01Apr
385. Anna WEARNE of Gweek, Decline, 2mths 13Apr
386. Jane DOBLE of Gweek, Decline, 35yo - 22Apr
387. Elizabeth WILLS of Gear Bridge, Croup, 15mths - 18May
388. Thomas HOLLOCOMBE of Helston, Decline, 67yo - 04Jun
389. Philippa LYNE of Rosevear, Old Age, 79yo - 08Jun
390. Thomas JOHNSON of Town of Helston, Fever, 2yo - 19Jun
391. Henry DUNSTONE of Carminow Vean, Suicide, 26yo - 01Jul
392. Joseph WALTERS of Carminow, The Gravel, 71yo - 19Jul
393. Richard BERDINNER of Carribone, Paralysis, 66yo - 24Jul
394. Jane JOHNSON of Helston, Measles & Fever, 30yo - 09Aug
395. Ann THOMAS of Nancy Vean, Consumption, 22yo - 25Sep
396. Simon LUGG of Zula, Quinsey, 58yo - 25Sep
397. Henry EVANS of Pollard Mill, Small Pox, 8yo - 28Nov
398. Henry WILLIAMS of Garras, Mortification in the Bowels, 4mths - 28Dec

399. Grace UREN of Baldae in Kea Parish, Decline, 19yo - 27Jan
400. John HARRIS of Larnuna in Cury Parish, Decline, 3mths - 12Mar
401. Jane ORCHARD of County Bridge, Fever, 69yo - 28May
402. Mary Jane SECCOMBE of Rose in the Bush, Decline, 2yo - 21May
403. Maria RICHARDS of Porkellio in Wendron, Inflamation, 35yo - 02Jun
404. William WEARNE of Gweek, Decline, 22yo - 25Jun
405. Elizabeth MARSHALL of Mawgan Well, after childbirth, 41yo - 25Sep
406. Ann BOLITHO of Trelowarren Lodge, Decline, 32yo - 08Oct
407. Thomasine Williams MARTIN of Hellagie, infant - 08Oct
408. Samuel DREW of Gweek, Water in the Head, 9mths - 01Nov
409. John Henry WILLIAMS of Langweath, Water in the Head, 4yo - 13Nov
410. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Tregoose, Old Age, 79yo - 21Nov
411. William ANDREW of Calenisk, 73yo - 21Nov

412. Thomas Henry DAVIES of Barimailor in St Martin, Inflamation in the Chest, 3mths - 23Feb
413. Jane WEARNE of Gweek, Old Age, 82yo - 01Mar
414. Susanna JOHNS of Mawgan in Tregear, Consumption, 23yo - 03Mar
415. Elizabeth Cuttance DUNSTONE of Falmouth, Fever, 27yo - 10Mar
416. James DAVIES of Tregear, Decline, 35yo - 12Mar
417. George Hannibal WILLIAMS of Bolassack, 6wks - 17Mar
418. Elizabeth MARTIN of Chebilley, Old Age & Dropsy, 73yo - 01Apr
419. John HALL of Bolassack, Decline, 8mths - 11May
420. Maria Jane WILLIAMS of Langweath, Water in the Head, 9yo - 14May
421. Julia Thomas LYNE of Bajarrow, Decline, 19yo - 28May
422. Henry WILLIAMS of Bolassack, Convulsions, 1yr9mths - 19Jun
423. Mary Seccomb WILLIAMS of Bolassack, Scarlet Fever, 4yo - 10Jul
424. Elizabeth HARRIS of Helston, Old Age, 77yo - 13Sep
425. Anne TROUNSON of Penvern in Cury Parish, Scarlet Fever, 6yo - 01Oct
426. Elizth. Jane TREWENNACK of Rosevear, Scarlet Fever, 3yo - 02Oct
427. Ann TRIPCONY of Castle Wary, Scarlet Fever, 3yo - 15Oct
428. Elizabeth TRIPCONY of Castle Wary, Scarlet Fever, 15yo - 18Oct
429. Nicholas REED of Park Rank, Small Pox, 17yo - 21Oct
430. Ann HARRIS of Gillygablen, Dropsy, 39yo - 29Oct
431. Henry Caddy HOSKING of Mawgan Cross, Decline from his birth, 9days - 08Nov
432. Joseph THOMAS of Rose in the Hill, Cancer in the Stomach, 59yo - 24Nov
433. James ODGERS of Burnoon, Inflamation of the Bowels, 54yo - 29Nov
434. Joseph RUBERRY of Killyanchor, Throat Fever, 4yo - 13Dec
435. James DOWNING of Tregoose, Old Age, 82yo - 22Dec

436. Grace WILLIAMS of Rosevear, Inflamation, 72yo - 27Jan
437. Robert WALTERS of Carminow, Decline, 6mths - 03Feb
438. Mary Hannah VYVYAN of Helston, 37yo - 11Feb
439. Elizabeth Ann NICHOLLS of Ponsladden, Worm Fever, 1yo - 25Feb
440. Maria MORRISH of Pentair, Mortification of the Leg, 73yo - 16Mar
441. Joseph LUKIES of Clyse, Gradual Decay, 77yo - 29Mar
442. Johannah HENDY of Church Town, Paralysis, 72yo - 12Apr
443. Grace WILLEY of Church Town, Old Age, 90yo - 08May
444. John STEPHENS of Mawgan Cross, Decline, 6mths - 22Jun
445. Sampson ELLIS of Bowgyheere Common, Piles, 72yo - 15Jul
446. Mary THOMAS of Tregadjack, Inflamation of the Bowels, 47yo - 04Aug
447. Jane WYATT of Bejarrow, Blood Vessel Broken, 61yo - 26Aug (Certificate eroneously dated 27th)
448. Joseph ORCHARD of Tregear, Slow Fever, 64yo - 01Sep
449. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Degibna in Wendron, Old Age, 82yo - 13Oct
450. John THOMAS of Nancevin, Bowel Complaint, 63yo - 14Oct
451. Joseph Richard RALPH of Bolossack, Decline, 4mths - 15Nov
452. John Rowe PERRY of Tregear, Decline, 6mths - 26Nov
453. John BODINNER of Mawgan Cross, Old Age, 78yo - 28Nov
454. Grace RUNDLE of Mawgan Cross, Twist of the Bowel, 35yo - 07Dec
455. George Johns JAMES of Mawgan Cross, Decline, 1yo - 07Dec
456. Mary UREN of Goonhilly Downs, Dropsy, 64yo - 17Dec

457. Eleanor HILL of Church Town, Old Age, 83yo - 21Jan
458. Elizabeth R. J. JOHNS of Cook in St Martin, Dropsy, 2yo - 21Jan
459. Elizabeth LAWRANCE of Ventongannel?, Old Age, 78yo - 18Feb
460. Mary James CHENOWETH of Tergitha in Budock Parish, Fever, 5yo - 27Feb
461. Jenifer DOWNING of Degibna in Wendron Parish, Inflamation, 52yo - 20Mar
462. Haniball ORCHARD of Falmouth, Dropsy, 59yo - 27Mar
463. Edward WILLIAMS of Rosevear, Inflamation, 72yo - 27Mar
464. Joseph BULLEN of Degibna in Wendron Parish, 72yo - 31Mar (Natural death as stated by the Coroner & Jury)
465. Thomas WILLS of Langweath, Water in the Brain, 19yo - 07Apr
466. Eliza ANDREW of Minnsderva in Camborne, Decline, 3mths - 07Apr
467. Susannah PRECHERDS of Bolossack, Old Age, 87yo - 06May [PRITCHARD in Clerk's Book]
468. Henry DALE of Gilly, Dropsy, 87yo - 13May
469. Francis BOLITHO of Trelowarren House (Blue Stone), Rheumatism, 27yo - 07Jun
470. James LANDER of Staffordshire, Diseased Lungs & Liver, 65yo - 20Jun (Died at Lane End at Belmont, Burdock nr Falmouth)
471. Thomas JOHNS of Helston, Fever, 6mths - 30Jun
472. Henry JOHNS of Helston, Fever, 4yo - 11Aug
473. Eliza Ann ARMFRIES of Belmont in Burdock, Debility, 38yo - 22Aug
474. William James CURNOW of Garras, Mortification, 1yr3mths - 26Sep
475. Solomon ANDREW of Minnsderva in Camborne, Scarlet Fever, 5yo - 02Oct
476. William Ruberry GLASSON of Boskinnen in Wendron, Inflamation, 11mths - 28Oct
477. George WYATT of Bejarrow, Tumour in Leg, 34yo - 29Nov
478. Jane ROBERTS of Crowan Church Town, Consumption, 29yo - 04Dec
479. Henry WILLIAMS of Bolossack, Scarlet Fever, 1yr1mth - 04Dec
480. John LUKIES of Nanspean in Gunwalloe, Rheumatism, 77yo - 06Dec

481. Alfred James TREWENNACK of Rosevear, Decline, 4mths - 06Jan
482. James WEARNE of Lower Town in Wendron, Consumption, 55yo - 22Jan
483. John TREVISE of Pancobben in Camborne, Sudden Death, 67yo - 23Jan [TRICE in Clerk's Book]
484. Mary WILLIAMS of Carminow, Rheumation, 60yo - 25Jan
485. Sarah Ann WILLIAMS of Mawgan Cross, Burnt to Death, 2yo - 13Feb
486. Anthony ROBERTS of Tregaddra (Lower), Decline, 31yo - 19Feb
487. William ROGERS of Langweath, Typhus Fever, 41yo - 21Feb
488. Sarah CARLYON of Ponsonkevel? Lodge, Dropsy, 33yo - 26Feb
489. John ROGERS of Penbrough, Bowel Complaint, 64yo - 10May
490. Jane WEARNE of Gweek, Decline from Abcess in the Back, 22yo - 28May
491. Grace LANE of Church Town, by breaking a Blood Vessel, 56yo - 25Jul
492. James ROGERS of Langweath, Apoplectic Fit, 63yo - 27Sep
493. John HOSKING of Grange, Decline, 69yo - 27Sep
494. Mary WILLIAMS of Halliggye, Asthma & Dropsy, 67yo - 29Oct
495. Martha ROGERS of Ventongamrel, Dirian? of the Stomach, 72yo - 12Nov

496. Jane Hendy LUKEY of Breage Union, Cholera, 7mths - 16Jan [LUKIES in Clerk's Book]
497. James JAMES of Mawgan Cross, Water in the Brain, 24yo - 16Jan
498. Jenifer JAMES of Roskymer, Old Age, 81yo - 19Jan
499. Ann SECCOMBE of Caledna, Dropsy, 52yo - 23Jan
500. Mary Bolitho STEPHENS of Halliggy, Consumption on the Lungs, 20yo - 26Jan
501. John EDWARDS of Nanslone, 50yo - 07Feb
502. Alfred SMITH of Trevassack, Croup, 1yo - 08Mar
503. William Henry ELLIS of Bowgyheere, Croup, 5wks - 24Mar
504. John BULLIN of Gweek Downs, Old Age, 88yo - 29Mar
505. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Halliggy, Small Pox, 1yo - 24Apr
506. John LUKIES of Nanspean (Gunwalloe), Rhumatick Fever, 31yo - 30Apr
507. Grace JULIAN of Helston Union, Old Age, 80yo - 30Apr
508. Eliza COLLINS of Gweek, Croup, 1yo - 30May
509. Lavinia CHOAK of Constantine, Arething Fit, 6mths - 12Jun
510. John DAVIES of Tregeare, Measles, 2yo - 25Jul
511. William WILLS of Penzance, Croup, 4yo - 03Aug
512. Hugh LYNE of Cury Church Town, Consumption, 43yo - 18Oct
513. William Henry LUKIES of Carmino Hill, Decline, 6yo - 10Nov
514. Loveday FERRIS of Langweath, Inflamation in the Bowels, 65yo - 20Nov
515. James PRIDEAUX of Furney Combe, Asthma & Water upon the Chest, 65yo - 27Nov
516. Henry SECOMBE of Gwealednan, Stomach Complaint, 52yo - 01Dec
517. Elizabeth ROGERS of Cross Laues in Cury, Old Age, 88yo - 03Dec
518. Thomas HARRIS of Garras, Old Age, 82yo - 06Dec
519. Mary SECOMBE of Langweath, Internal Inflamation, 73yo - 11Dec

520. Sally HOSKING of Garras Lodge, Consumption, 25yo - 28Feb
521. William ORCHARD of Tregaddra Common, Decline, 6mths - 12Mar
522. John TROUNSON of Tregeaos in St Keverne, Accident by a Gun going off, 39yo - 18Mar
523. Susannah DOWNING of Helston, Old Age, 82yo - 31Mar
524. William JULIAN of Mawgan Cross, Hooping Cough, 2wks - 09Apr
525. John THOMAS of Tregeare, Hooping Cough, 7mths - 13Apr
526. Alice GRUBB of Portleaven, Old Age, 92yo - 27Apr
527. Eliza WEARNE of Helston, Fistula, 18yo - 29Apr
528. Sophia HARRIS of Carleen, Hooping Cough, 1yo - 02May
529. Elizabeth BOWDEN of Mawgan Cross, Decline, 23yo - 04May
530. Elizabeth MITCHELL of Constantine Gweek, Consumption, 54yo - 23May
531. Julian Thomas LYNE of Bajarrow, Hooping Cough, 6wks, 23May
532. Ann Mason HARRIS of Bolossack, Cancer, 61yo - 26Jun
533. James HARRIS of Mainlay, Rupture, 55yo - 06Jul
534. Nancy STEPHENS of Ponsladden, Water in the Chest, 37yo - 23Jul
535. Elizabeth DOWNING of Degibna in Parish of Wendron, Rheumatic Fever, 53yo - 26Aug
536. Charlotte Jane LANE of Church Town, Weak from Birth, 16days - 04Sep
537. Richard BERDINNER of Rosevear, Liver Complaint, 50yo - 19Dec
538. William WALTERS of Treurice in St Martin, Rheumatic Gout, 57yo - 21Dec [WATERS in Clerk's Book]

539. Sophia DOWNING of Tregoose, Searlelina??, 1yo - 11Jan
540. Mary BOWDEN of Mawgan Cross, Liver Complanit, 59yo - 10Feb
541. Alice LANE of Church Town, Decline, 20yo - 01Mar
542. Mary CHYNOWETH of Treleaven in the parish of Mabe, Inflamation & Water on the Brain, 35yo - 16Mar
543. Richard RICHARDS of Langweath, Croop, 4yo - 17Mar
544. Emily PERRY of Tregear, Croop, 2yo - 19Mar
545. William Henry HARRIS of Garras, Abcess & Decline, 24yo - 29Mar
546. John TREWENNACK of Rosevear, Paralysis, 86yo - 02Apr
547. Edward William PASCOE of Trevelgin, Accidently Burnt, 4yo - 27Apr
548. James MAYNE of Chigarchy, Decline, 29yo - 06May
549. Thomas LANE of Church Town, Rupture of blood vessel & Decline, 63yo - 14May
550. Mary Jane MITCHELL of Tangus Water, Weak from birth, 8mths - 21Jun
551. Thomas THOMAS of Musgen Vear parish of St Martin, Gradual Decay, 65yo - 02Jul
552. Ann ORCHARD of Goonhilly Downs, Paralysis, 77yo - 10Jul
553. Mary PERRY (widow) of Tregear, By warrant from the Coroner, 77yo - 10Aug
554. Mary Anne WILLIAMS of Nance, Effusion of blood on the Brain, 31yo - 05Sep
555. Horace MANN of Rectory, Accident by a fall from his carriage (Rector of this Parish), 56yo - 30Sep
556. Josiah MAYNE of Chygarchy, Water in the Brain, 5yo - 11Oct
557. Joseph RUBERRY of Gweak Downs Wendron, Decline, 65yo - 15Nov
558. John Isaac THOMAS of Tangus Water, Water in the Brain, 7mths - 17Nov
559. James PLOMER of Gweek in Constantine, Old Age & Decay, 93yo - 25Nov
560. Francis HENDY of Torleaven in Sithney, White Swelling, 18yo - 25Dec
561. John MARTIN of Gweek Lodge, Sudden sickness - from cold weather, 69yo - 26Dec
562. Ann LYNE of Tregoose, Old Age & Decay, 83yo - 28Dec

563. Elizabeth ORCHARD of Tregear, Sudden sickness & Inflamation, 69yo - 01Jan
564. Elizabeth WICKS of of Chybilly, Old Age, 69yo - 10Jan
565. Jane DALE of Bajarrow, In child birth, 23yo - 18Jan
566. Mary Ann TUCKER of Gweek, 1yo - 07Feb
567. William WICKS of Tregear, 5mths - 25Feb
568. Mary THOMAS of Breage Union, 5mths - 03Mar
569. Charles MEDLYN of Tregear, 87yo - 23Mar
570. Heny JAMES of Furzedore, 70yo - 26Mar
571. James RULE of Gweek, 2yo - 20May
572. Richard OLIVER of Carmenoe Mill, - 25May [13yo in Clerk's Book]
573. Ann HANCOCK of Helston Union, 77yo - 27May
574. James Henry RULE of Gweek, 2mths - 19Jul
575. Mary RUBERRY of Port Leven, Decline, 31yo - 08Aug
576. Elizabeth CHENOWETH of Degibna, 80yo - 18Aug
577. Henry LYNE of Rosevere, 87yo - 19Aug
578. Henry DOWNING of Carmenoe Mill, 1yr6mths - 21Nov
579. Mary GROSE of Helston Union, 76yo - 12Dec
580. Catharine ROGERS of Helston, 90yo - 18Dec
581. Mary Ann HENDY of Torleavene, 24yo - 31Dec

582. Ishmael LOBB of Pollard in Wendron, 72yo - 20Jan
583. Jane ROGERS of Landgweath, 77yo - 23Jan
584. Mary HARRIS of Garras, 90yo - 25Jan
585. John THOMAS of Tangus Water, Infant - 09Feb [age 2mths in Clerk's Book]
586. Samuel WILLIAMS of Halligge, Infant - 02Apr [age 3wks in Clerk's Book]
587. William BOLITHO of Gear Bridge, 21yo - 02May
588. Henry COLLINS of Gweek in Constantine, 1yo - 16May
589. William CHINN of Tregaddra Gate, Infant - 25May [age 8mths in Clerk's Book]
590. James HILL of Gweek in Wendron, Infant - 11Jun [age 2mths in Clerk's Book]
591. Elizabeth Mary WILLIAMS of Halligge, Infant - 04Jul [age 4mths in Clerk's Book]
592. Thomas ROBERTS of Helston Union, 30yo - 13Jul
593. Urina STEPHENS of Bollossack, 86yo - 13Aug
594. Elizabeth WILLS of Penzance, 43yo - 25Aug
595. Jane BOWDEN of Langweath, 68yo - 03Oct
596. John RULE of Gweek in Constantine, 33yo - 05Oct
597. John WILLIAMS of Ponsentuel, 22yo - 15Nov
598. Mary GAY of Boyechere Common, Infant - 23Nov [age 8mths in Clerk's Book]
599. Sabina CURNOW of Halligge, 88yo - 11Dec

600. Philippa Jane RALPH of Sky Burrowe, Infant - 18Mar [age 4mths in Clerk's Book]
601. John MATTHEWS of Rose in the Bush, 85yo - 09Apr
602. Margaret Jane COLLINS of Gweek in Constantine, 4wks - 15Apr
603. Elizabeth CURNOW of Camborne, 21yo - 01May [Clerk's Book has & child]
604. William Henry CURNOW of Camborne, 6mths - 01May
605. Jenefer DOWNING of Garras, 78yo - 03May
606. John GILBERT of Gunwalloe, 39yo - 27May
607. Ann BERDINNER of Carebone, 80yo 03Jun
608. Susan TRIPCONY of Wendron, 20yo - 14Jun
609. Elizabeth DALE of Gilly, 80yo - 19Jun
610. Elizabeth WATERS of Trevilgin, 70yo - 15Jul
611. Robert WHITE of Mawgan, 63yo - 21Jul
612. Mary WILLIAMS of Tregoose, 5yo - 10Aug
613. Selina PERRY of Tregoose, 16mths - 15Aug
614. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Tregoose, 3yo - 17Aug
615. Susan Triase WILLIAMS of Tregoose, Infant 10mths - 27Aug
616. Eliza WILLIAMS of Helston, 18yo - 19Oct
-----. Henry DOWNING, 1yo - 10Dec [Entry in Clerk's Book only]

617. Alice ROGERS of Dodman's Croft, 80yo - 12Feb
618. Susan DAVIES of Carabone, 45yo - 08Mar
619. Elizabeth MAYNE of Chygarchy, 29yo - 13Mar
620. Mary THOMAS of Camborne, 70yo - 26Mar
621. Edward DOWNING of Tregoose, 48yo - 03Apr
622. John BOLITHO of Mawgan Cross, 81yo - 07May
623. John WILLIAMS of Church Town, 10mths - 07May
624. Mary CHOAK of Rosevear, 75yo - 13May
-----. Elenor HARRY, 53yo - 14May [Entry in Clerk's Book only]
625. William BOLITHO of Rosevear, 55yo - 27May
626. Philip WILLIAMS of Dodson's Gap, 66yo - 30May
627. Susan Secomb WILLIAMS of Trevilgin, 12yo - 30May
628. John PERRY of Garras, 58yo - 19Jun
629. Sarah Ann WILLIAMS of Church Town, 3yo - 30Jun
630. William JULIAN of Garras, 32yo - 30Jun
631. Grace BOND of Rosevear, 73yo - 03Jul
-----. Hester Ann RULE (unbaptised), 10wks - 15Aug [Entry in Clerk's Book only]
632. Edward WILLIAMS of Garras, 78yo - 26Sep
633. Thomas LANE of Mawgan Cross, 31yo - 27Sep
634. The Rev'd William John CROCKFORD (Rector of Mawgan) of Mawgan Rectory, 37yo - 15Oct
635. Mary PERRY of Bolossack, 66yo - 29Oct [Clerk's Book says of Breage]
636. Ann DUNSTONE of Mawgan Cross, 67yo - 11Nov
637. James WILLIAMS of Skyburrow, 79yo - 08Dec
638. Mary BRAY of Burnwick, 83yo - 25Dec

639. Richard UREN of Falmouth, 71yo - 31Jan
640. Mary LAWRENCE of Helston, 80yo - 16Feb
641. Thomas DAVIES of Rose vear, 42yo - 13Mar
642. Ruth PENGELLY of Burnoon, Infant - 21Mar [age 7mths in Clerk's Book]
643. Alice THOMAS of Garras, 56yo - 09Apr
644. Jacob WATERS of Grange, Infant - 20Apr [age 1mth in Clerk's Book]
645. Michael GAY of Bowjey Neere, 69yo - 27Apr
646. John ROGERS of Calindo, 83yo - 01May
647. Henry CHOAK of Mawgan Church Town, 1yo - 30May
648. Ann LYNE of Trecoose, 55yo - 30May
649. John ORCHARD of Garras, 48yo - 18Aug
650. Samuel Charles PERRY of Mawgan Cross, 7mths - 03Sep
651. William Henry SECOMBE of Tregear, 3yo - 15Sep [date 16Sep in Clerk's Book]
652. William EXELBY of Caledna, 4yo - 22Sep [age 5yrs in Clerk's Book]
653. William Box MAYN of Lower Langweath, 3yo - 25Sep
654. Sarah Ann PERRY of Garras, 15yo - 26Sep
655. Peter PERRY of Garras, 1yr 8mths - 26Sep [age 18mths in Clerk's Book]
656. Selina WATERS of Garras, 2yo - 26Sep
657. John EXELBY of Lower Caledna, 1yo - 26Sep
658. Josiah MAYN of Lower Langweath, 5yo - 27Sep
659. William MAYN of Lower Langweath, 30yo - 30Sep
660. Mary COLLINS of Gweek, 8mths - 12Oct [Not entered in Clerk's Book]
661. James STEVENS of Lower Langweath - 13Oct [surname spelt STEPHENS in Clerk's Book]
662. John WHITE (illeg: child) of Lower Langweath, 6yo - 21Oct
663. William JOHNS of Trecoose, St Martin, 51yo - 04Nov
664. Thomas WICKS of Gweek Downs, 60yo - 23Nov
665. Mary WILLIAMS of Wendron, 61yo - 10Dec [word "Digibrna" after entry in Clerk's Book]
666. Harriett VYVYAN of Helston, 78yo - 23Dec
667. Mary LYNE of St Keverne, 82yo - 27Dec

668. John ELLIS of Mawgan, 8mths - 20Jan
669. William Henry DOWNING of Trecoose Mawgan, 5yo - 28Jan
670. William BOLITHO of Carleen, 24yo - 02Mar
671. Sampson ROGERS of Venton Gannel, 78yo - 16Mar
672. Samuel TROUNDER of St Keverne, 81yo - 21Mar
673. Joseph William GILBERT of Upper Caledna, 7mths - 21Mar
674. Elleanor HARRIS of Mawgan, 80yo - 20Apr
675. William JAMES of Falmouth, 62yo - 25Apr
676. John THOMAS of Higher Tregeddra, 10yo - 09May
677. William Henry FOOTT of Halligge, 8yo - 17May
678. William Henry ELLIS of Rosevear, 4yo - 13Jun
679. Ann PENALURICK of Bowgey heere, 4mths - 14Jun
680. Mary CURNOW of Tregear, 70yo - 26Aug
681. Edward CHENOWETH of Wendron, 81yo - 06Sep
682. Ellen DALE of Mawgan, 27yo - 11Sep
683. Mary TUCKER of Gweek, 74yo - 19Sep
684. Mary DREW of Constantine, 46yo - 19Oct
685. Alice SECOMBE of Mawgan Cross, 10yo - 13Nov [date 12Nov in Clerk's Book]
686. Mary BOLITHO of Goonhilly Lodge, 76yo - 16Nov
687. Richard EDMONDS of Mawgan Cross, 84yo - 13Dec
688. Hugh LYNE of Trecoose, 89yo - 27Dec

689. Constane WATERS of Carminow, 84yo - 02Jan
690. Ann CARKE of St Martin, 63yo - 09Jan
691. William ORCHARD of Mawgan Lower Lane, 79yo - 06feb
692. Joseph DALE of Gilly, 64yo - 07Feb
693. Sukey BARTLETT of Gweleath, 74yo - 13Feb
694. Joseph WILLIAMS of Garras, 12yo - 17Feb
695. Henry DOWNING of Degibna in Wendron, 64yo - 02Mar
696. Elisabeth WATERS of Garras, 36yo - 13Apr
697. Alice ANDREWS of Gwealandra, 69yo - 27Apr [59yo crossed out]
698. John Edwin WILLIAMS of Grisland Green, 6wks - 18May
699. William HOLLOCOMBE of Church Farm, 85yo - 24May
700. Charity COLLINS of Gweek, 3mths - 20Jun
701. Susan WILLIAMS of Grisland Green, 3mths - 24Jul
702. Joseph GILBERT of St Martin, 78yo - 16Aug
703. Caroline WILLIAMS of Rosevear, 14yo - 04Sep
704. Joanna WILLIAMS of Gweek, 16yo - 25Sep

705. Elizabeth JAMES of Ponsladden, 67yo - 09Jan
706. Margaret Grace WATERS of Grange, 3wks - 20Feb
707. Elizabeth Ann THOMPSON of Treverry, 17yo - 23Feb [surname spelt THOMSON in Clerk's Book]
708. Mary THOMAS of Garras, 82yo - 26Feb
709. Ann PASCOE of Cubert, 1yo - 05Mar [Ann P PASCOE in Clerk's Book]
710. Jane MAYNE of Chygarkye, 8mths - 16Mar
711. Richard HALL of Gweek, 74yo - 21Mar
712. Amy PLUMMER of Helston, 85yo - 24Mar
713. Margery PASCOE of Gweek, 81yo - 05Apr
714. William Henry BOND of Mawgan, 3mths - 11Apr
715. Elizabeth RUBBERY of Gweek, 73yo - 14Apr
716. Mary EDMONDS of Mawgan, 77yo - 16May
717. Grace Ellen ELLIS of Mawgan, 1yo - 07Jun [Ellen Grace ELLIS in Clerk's Book]
718. Jane TROUNSON of Mawgan, 76yo - 18Jun
719. William JAMES of Church Town, 5mths - 06Aug
720. Jane TROUNSON of Polesion? Cury, 7yo - 05Sep
721. James Downing WILLIAMS of Trecoose, 5mths - 06Oct
722. Thomas THOMAS of Garras, 88yo - 29Oct
723. Thomas STEVENS of Gurmoe, 42yo - 03Dec
724. Thomas BOLITHO of Trelowarren Lodge, 82yo - 07Dec
725. James WILLIAMS of Dodman (Mawgan), 72yo - 24Dec

726. Alice Ann SECOMB of Garras, 2wks - 07Jan
727. Alice HENDY of Penzance, 66yo - 10Jan
728. Eliz'th CURNOW of Halligge, 50yo - 21Jan
729. James HOSKING of Grange, 37yo - 26Jan
730. Nicholas CURNOW of Garras, 72yo - 26Jan
731. Alexander JOHNS of Cury, 73yo - 28Jan
732. Alice CURNOW of Cross, 78yo - 11Feb
733. Charles HOSKING of Carrabone Lodge, 78yo - 15Feb
734. Mary COADE of Truro, 53yo - 18Mar
735. Sophia Downing BOND of Roswean Bottom, 7wks - 20Mar
736. Elizabeth HOSKEN of Carabone Lodge, 65yo - 25Mar [surname spelt HOSKING in Clerk's Book]
737. Mary BOLITHO of Chybillea, 21yo - 08Apr
738. Elizabeth Jane BOLITHO of Carlean, 13yo - 12Apr
739. Josiah HOSKEN of Carabone Lodge, 21yo - 01May [surname spelt HOSKING in Clerk's Book]
740. Henry WILLIAMS of Degibna, 27yo - 13May
741. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of Trecoose, 67yo - 18Jun
742. Benjamin TONKIN of Mawnan, 85yo - 10Aug
743. Jane HOLLOCOMBE of Mawgan Ch. Town, 79yo - 08Sep
744. John JAMES of Killyhanken, 80yo - 17Sep
745. Mary WILLS of Carrallack Lodge, 75yo - 01Oct
746. Fanny Wicks CURNOW of Rosevear Hill, 43yo - 18Oct
747. Gerard MANN of Rectory, 35yo - 30Oct [Recorded as Rev. G. MANN, Rector in Clerk's Book]
748. Ann COOKE of Tentan? Gannel,78yo - 01Nov
749. Matthew PASCOE of Gweek (Wendron), 81yo - 25Nov

750. Louisa DAVIES of Tregadjack, 41yo - 10Feb
751. Jane T. RICHARDS of Trabow, St Keverne, 26yo - 02Mar
752. John WILLIAMS of Cross, 5mths - 03Mar [age 7mths in Clerk's Book]
753. Jenefer LOBB of Parish of Wendron, 74yo - 10Mar
754. William WICKS of Chybillie, 69yo - 14Mar
755. Jacob James LUGG of Church Town, 10mths - 23Mar [Jacob Lugg JAMES in Clerk's Book]
756. James WILLIAMS of Parish of Gwinear, 37yo - 30Mar [date 31Mar in Clerk's Book]
757. Edward Henry OULD of Tenton? Gunnel, 11mths - 06Apr [age 1yr in Clerk's Book]
758. William GAY of Bowgeyheer, 36yo - 10Apr
759. John Edwin WILLIAMS of St Martin's Green, 5yo - 11Apr
760. Thomas Richard BRYANT of Mawgan, 7wks - 20Apr
761. Joseph WILLIAMS of Nance, 80yo - 16May
762. Peggy DUNSTONE of Helston Union, 25yo - 23May
763. Mary Anne CHOAK of Carlean, 8yo - 14Sep
764. Elizabeth Matthews WILLIAMS of Relowas, 3yo - 21Sep
765. Paul PENLERRICK of Bowgeyheer, Accidental death by kick from a horse, 2yo - 10Oct
766. Mary JAMES of Wendron (formerly Killyhanken in Mawgan), 85yo - 16Dec

767. Alice ELLIS of Helston, 87yo - 17Mar
768. Elizabeth Harriett OLIVER of Pentire Coendron, 4mths - 12Apr
769. Mary TRELOAR of Trevassack, 70yo - 26Apr
770. Mary TROUNSON of Mawgan Bridge, 35yo - 29Apr
771. Elizabeth DALE of Falmouth, 94yo - 25May
772. Henry REED of Peak - Park Rose in Vale, 98yo - 25May
773. William WICKS of Garras, 5mths - 18Jun
774. George DUNSTONE of Helston Union, 15mths - 20Jun
775. Thomas BOLITHO of Manaccan, Accidental Death, 18yo - 02Aug
776. Harriet MAYNE of Trecoose, 75yo - 03Sep
777. Jane JAMES of Killihanker, 76yo - 10Sep
778. Jane COLLINS of Gweek, 47yo - 27Sep
779. Ann WATERS of Helston Union, 76yo - 04Oct [name is Ann WALTERS in Clerk's Book]
780. Thomas CURNOW of Cross, 78yo - 04Oct
781. James CURNOW of Rosevear, 45yo - 25Oct

782. Laura Jane WILLIAMS of Relowas, 3mths - 13Jan
783. Jane COX of Killianker, 41yo - 13Jan
784. Charles CHOAK of Bowgyheer, 55yo - 18Feb [date 04Feb in Clerk's Book]
785. Anne TRIPCONEY of Tregedra Gate, 84yo - 23Feb
786. Annie MITCHELL of Carminow Mill, 6wks - 24Feb
787. Thomas STEPHENS of Church Town, 70yo - 30Mar
788. Elizabeth LUKIES of Clies, 89yo - 04Apr
789. Richard JAMES of Reskymer, 66yo - 05Apr
790. Henry MANKEY of Carabone, 50yo - 26Apr
791. Ann JOHNS of Mayne Ley, 80yo - 11May
792. Philip ORCHARD of Garras, 81yo - 13May
793. Henry WILLIAMS of Gweek, 33yo - 30May
794. Henry HILL of Gweek, 33yo - 30May
795. Thomas COOK of Ventoven Gannel, 78yo - 02Sep
796. Joseph John TUCKER of Gweek, 2mths - 24Sep
797. Joseph MARTIN of St Keverne, 51yo - 30Sep
798. William James PENILERRICK Bowgeheer, 5mths - 10Oct
799. Ann LUGG of Zela, 63yo - 15Nov
800. Frederick John DUNNETT of Church Town, 5yo - 05Dec
[Start of New Burial Register]
1. Thomas JAMES of Cury, 68yo - 08Dec

2. James DOWNING of Wendron, 65yo - 16Jan
3. Alice WILLIAMS of St Martin, 77yo - 09Feb
4. John SECOMB of Mawgan, 2yo - 09Mar
5. Walter TRIPCONEY of Mawgan, 77yo - 22Mar
6. Richard NEWTON of Cross, 3mths - 24Apr [name is Richard MUTTIN in Clerk's Book]
7. Elizabeth HARRY of Cury, 60yo - 26May
8. Ada GARLAND of Gweek, 5wks - 27May
9. Sarah GARLAND of Gweek, 5wks - 29May
10. Elizabeth Mary CHINN of Wendron, 12yo - 10Jun [name is Elizabeth Mary CHING in Clerk's Book]
11. William JOHNS of Carminow, 78yo - 09Oct
12. John WARREN of Trevery, 63yo - 06Nov
13. Kate Kendall GARLAND of Gweek, 2yo - 16Nov
14. Samuel CURNOW of Halleggye, 54yo - 07Dec
15. Joanna DAVIES of Bolossack, 88yo - 11Dec
16. Samuel CURNOW of Halliggye, 84yo - 28Dec

17. James DAVIES of Garras, 23yo - 03Feb
18. Edward BOLITHO of Caerleon, 33yo - 01Mar
19. Richard WILLIAMS of St Keverne, 66yo - 20Mar
20. Charles WILLIAMS of Garras, 10wks - 08May
21. Samuel Henry CURNOW of Garras, 9mths - 08May
22. Elizabeth CURNOW of Wendron, 50yo - 13Jun
23. Ann TREWENNACK of Union House, 62yo - 21Jul
24. Nicholas HARRY of Garras, 70yo - 23Aug
25. Ann BORDINNER of Cury, 53yo - 20Sep
26. Joseph LUGG of Bowgeheer, 78yo - 28Sep
27. James DOWNING of Union House, 80yo - 09Dec

28. Harriet Jane GILBERT of Cury, 18mths - 09Jan
29. Mary Ann GRIGG of Bowgeheer, 39yo - 13Jan
30. Julia LYNE of Nanseven, 67yo - 16Jan
31. James JAMES of Union House, 69yo - 29Jan
32. John TROUNSON of The Bridge, 84yo - 01Feb
33. Elizabeth ROGERS of The Garras, 83yo - 06Feb
34. Mary LUGG of Bowgeheer, 69yo - 29Mar
35. Thomas WARREN of Trevery, 18yo - 05May
36. Thomas Henry RICHARDS of Corndrow, 3yo - 05May
37. James EXELBY of Langweath, 6yo - 18Jun
38. Lavinia DAVIES of Bejorrow, 6yo - 02Jul
39. Fanny Jewel ROGERS of Nancelone, 4yo - 26Jul
40. Elizabeth GILBERT of The Garras, 60yo - 31Oct
41. Nancy SECOMB of The Cross, 53yo - 22Dec
42. Mary WILLIAMS of The Union, 80yo - 25Dec
43. Francis MICHELL of Nancepean, 71yo - 31Dec [Name is Francis MITCHEL in Clerk's Book]

44. Elizabeth Ann JAMES of Wendron, 19yo - 26May
45. William Francis TUCKER of Constantine, 5mths - 30May
46. Mary CHENOWETH of Helston Union, Age Unknown - 31May
47. Alice MITCHELL of Halliggye, 87yo - 14Jul
48. Martha CHOAK of Caerleon, 1yr 7mths - 14Jul
49. William JOHN of Burnwick, 8yo - 29Aug
50. Grace WEEKS of Parish of Crowan, 48yo - 28Sep [name is Grace WICKS in Clerk's Book]
51. Elizabeth HARRIS of Bowgeheer, 91yo - 30Nov
52. Philip TUCKER of Wendron, 19yo - 18Dec

53. Grace RICHARDS of Gweek, 10mths - 13Jan
54. Henry SINCOCK of Bolojack, 65yo - 01Feb
55. Elizabeth STEVENS of Trelowarren, 38yo - 12Feb
56. Harriet Elizabeth RUBERRY of Wendron, 25yo - 15Feb
57. Susannah HOSKING of Breage, 80yo - 15Feb
58. Margaret Ann CURNOW (base child) of Garras, 3wks - 23Feb
59. John BOADEN of Crowan, 84yo - 31Mar [name is John BOWDEN in Clerk's Book]
60. Mary JOHNS of Farm Lodge, Trelowarren, 59yo - 05Apr
61. Fanny STEPHENS of Helstone, 3mths - 26Apr
62. John DAVIES of Bejarrow, 56yo - 31May
63. Edward Rogers WARREN of Treverry, 35yo - 28Jun
64. Jenefer TRELOAR of Conlent, 63yo - 21Jul
65. William BRYANT of Rosevear, 48yo - 02Aug
66. James MARTIN of Rosevear, 65yo - 27Aug
67. Anne ROGERS of Halliggye, 5yo - 30Aug
68. Mary WILLIAMS of Bolossack, 35yo - 30Aug
69. Elizabeth Mary OLIVER of Carminow, 4mths - 24Sep
70. Edward James DOWNING of Garras, 7mths - 29Sep
71. George JOHNS of Wendron, 24yo - 11Oct
72. Mary WILLIAMS of Cross, 36yo - 23Oct
73. Jane PENALWICK of Bowgeheer, 14yo - 06Dec
74. John DUNSTONE of Gunwalloe, 84yo - 09Dec
75. William EXALBY of Langweath, 11yo - 11Dec
76. Elizabeth TROUNSON of Mawgan Bridge, 46yo - 23Dec

77. John TROUNSON of Mawgan Bridge, 54yo - 17Jan
78. John WILLIAMS of County Bridge, 6yo - 21Mar
79. Annie WILLIAMS of County Bridge, 4yo - 21Mar
80. Annie WILLIAMS of Upper Relowas, 1yr 8mths - 30Mar
81. Elizabeth WILLIAMS of County Bridge, 41yo - 31Mar
82. James DAVIES of Gwealeath, 59yo - 11Apr
83. Samuel John PENALWICK of Bowgeheer, 4mths - 01May
84. Sarah Ann CARLYON (base child) of Gear Bridge, 1yo - 23May
85. Mary TREMAYNE of Church Town, 72yo - 21Jun
86. Joseph Moon FOOTT of Halliggye, 17yo - 08Jul
87. John DAVIES of Venton Gannel, 64yo - 03Aug
88. Gamaliel BARTLETT of Gaealeath, 87yo - 07Aug
89. Mary Ann LUKIES of Helston, 45yo - 21Aug
90. Mary Ann ORCHARD of Helston Union, 52yo - 10Nov
91. Elizabeth Jane OLIVER of Tregibna, 3mths - 27Nov
92. Mary KELLAWAY of Pulwin Gate, 80yo - 18Dec
93. Alice PEARCE of Rose-in-the-Bush, 67yo - 25Dec

94. John WILLS of Cawallack Lodge, 88yo - 10Jan
95. Eleanor Jane HARRY of Garras, 4mths - 24Jan
---. Charlotte Mary WILLIAMS, 23yo - 25Jan [in Clerk's Book only]
96. Thomas JOHNS of Helston, 10yo - 12Feb
97. William GILBERT of Helston Union, 77yo - 12Mar
98. Richard MAYNE of Chygarky, 56yo - 28Mar
99. Elizabeth Jane OLIVER of Tregibna, 21yo - 02Apr
100. John JULIAN of Helston Union, 78yo - 09Apr
101. Susan JULIAN of Helston Union House, 78yo - 10May
102. Eliz'th STEPHENS of Helston, 15mths - 28May
103. Elizabeth REED of Park-an-fowl, 29yo - 31Jul
104. Harriet Jane LYNE of Nansevear, 8yo - 10Aug
105. John BARTLE of Helston Union,60yo - 22Nov
106. Mary DALE of The Garras Mawgan, 70yo - 21Dec
107. Richard James WILLIAMS of Gweek Mawgan, 22yo - 24Dec

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