Long Load, Somerset
Transcriptions of Marriages - 1749 to 1808

The following transcripts of the Long Load Marriages were kindly provided by Barbara Andresen.





PERRY, William TRIVILY, Mary Long Load 1749
BURT, William PERROTT, Martha Long Load 1749
TUCKER, Joseph GOODINGS, Mary Long Load 20May1750
EVERY, Robert CRIBB, Mary Long Load 03Jun1753
PERREN, John HAMLIN, Sarah Long Load 13Sep1756
TUCKER, Joseph GERRARD, Grace Long Load 21Feb1774
PERREN, Thomas PRIDDLE, Ann Long Load 26May1774
GILLETT, John POPE, Ann Long Load 08Jan1775
TUCKER, Robert PITTARD, Joan Long Load 16Sep1790
RAYMOND, Thomas CURTIS, Susanna Long Load 02Jun1791
MITCHEL, George TUCKER, Mary Long Load 19Dec1804
HAMLIN, James SMITHER, Mary Long Load 14Jan1805
SCRIVEN, Henry BISHOP, Ann Long Load 04Feb1805
TUCKER, Thomas RIGGS, Jane Long Load 09Apr1805
COSSINS, Richard PERREY, Fanny Long Load 28May1805
MITCHELL, William BISHOP, Ann Long Load 05Aug1805
WILLIAMS, Jesse PRIDDLE, Florence Long Load 28Nov1805
VALENTINE, John MEAKER, Sarah Long Load 30Dec1805
WORNER, John LOVEL, Hannah Long Load 07May1807
CARY, Thomas WILLIAMS, Anne Long Load 27Nov1807
RODBARD, William HAMLIN, Mary Long Load 21Dec1807
EVANS, John GILLETT, Mary Long Load 05Jul1808
RENDALL, John OROMS, Ann Long Load 08Aug1808
GAYLARD, Robert CURTIS, Sarah Long Load 11Aug1808
PATTEN, Peter TUCKER, Amy Long Load 29Dec1808

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