From time to time other Somerset Records come into my possession from various sources and they will be listed in this section of the website. Presently the records below are mainly marriage Indexes, of which some of the earlier transcriptions just list date and place and names of bride and groom. The orginal records should be consulted for additional information and also for accuracy as we are human and we do make a mistake from time to time. If you do come across any errors then please do contact me and I shall fix the error up or add a note.

North Somerset - Countryside Scenery

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The transcription I have in the Somerset section of the website is just a small sample of what I have. These will slowly be added to the site as and when time allows. Contributions of transcribed parish registers and other records are always welcome as these can usually be added to the site fairly quickly.

Links to other Websites with transcriptions of Somerset Parish Registers

Their are far more transcriptions of Somerset Parish Registers online now, than use to be the case. Below I have mentioned just a few that I know of and if the Parish you are looking for is not among them, then a visit to Ian Sage's excellent website where he maintains a complete list of all Somerset Parishes that have transcriptions online. Also worth a visit is the Family Search website where one can search by individual name. Keep an eye on their collections as well (link on right towards foot of page) as they are being added to all the time, although Somerset images are not among them

The Somerset Online Parish Clerk Project has a large collection of Transcriptions of Parish Registers in there database which is searchable by individual name or by Parish name. Many volunteers have given their time to look after one or more Parishes, so if you are struggling with your research then please do look up on this site for the person looking after your parish of interest. They are always looking for new volunteers, so if you find a parish that has no one looking after it, please get involved and volunteer.

West Somerset Parish Register Transcriptions - Parishes covered on this site include Bicknoller, Cannington, Crowcombe, Dodington, East Quantoxhead, Elworthy, Holford, Kilton, Kilve, Leighland, Lilstock, Luxborough, Monksilver, Nether Stowey, Nettlecombe, Old Cleeve, Over Stowey (You will find all the later marriages following those on this site as well as baptisms and burials), Porlock, St Decuman, Sampford Brett, Stogumber, Stogursey, Stringston, Taunton St James, Timberscombe, Tolland, Treborough, West Quantoxhead, Withiel Florey.

Wells Cathedral

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Marriages - 1654 to 1812
1904 Electoral Roll
Marriages - 1560 to 1812
Marriages - 1755 to 1906
Burials - 1708 to 1812
Marriages - 1692 to 1751
1841 Census
1904 Electoral Roll
Marriages - 1761 to 1837
Marriages - 1630 to 1812
Marriages - 1559 to 1710

Charlton Adam
Marriages - 1707 to 1812
Charlton Mackrell
Marriages - 1575 to 1812
Marriages - 1608 to 1779
Combe Hay
Marriages - 1539 to 1836
Marriage Banns - 1754 to 1774
Curry Rivel
Marriages - 1642 to 1812
Marriages - 1540 to 1805

Marriages - 1558 to 1812
Marriages - 1683 to 1807
Marriages - 1655 to 1811
Marriages - 1558 to 1704
1841 Census
Isle Abotts
Marriages - 1755 to 1900

Long Load
Marriages - 1749 to 1808
Marriages - 1566 to 1730
Marriages - 1731 to 1754
1841 Census
1904 Electoral Roll
Marriages - 1559 to 1812
Marriages - 1703 to 1812
North Barrow
Marriages - 1568 to 1694

1904 Electoral Roll
North Cadbury
(Elec: Roll, coming soon)
Marriages - 1541 to 1812
Marriages - 1656 to 1771
Marriages - 1558 to 1811

Marriages - 1591 to 1799
Queen Camel
Marriages - 1601 to 1753
1841 Census
South Barrow
Marriages - 1580 to 1753
Stoke Trister
Marriages - 1752 to 1812
1841 Census
Stockland Guants
Marriages - 1538 to 1760
Sutton Montis
Marriages - 1603 to 1754
West Bradley
1904 Electoral Roll
West Hatch
Marriages - 1604 to 1782
Weston Bamflyde
Marriages - 1591 to 1754
Marriages - 1601 to 1754
1904 Electoral Roll

Other Records

Commonwealth Period
Marriages - 1653 to 1656

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