Martock, Somerset

Martock is situated on the River Parrett about 5 miles south west of Ilchester and 5 miles north west of Yeovil and was formerly a market town. The name Martock is said to be derived from "mart" and "oak" from the fact the market was formerly held under a oak tree in the centre of town. The site of this oak tree is now occupied by a elegant fluted column which is an imitation of the pillar of Trajan in Rome. The village at one time was well known for the manufacture of fine gloves. The population of Martock in 1821 was 2,560 and by 1889 had climbed to 3,004.

As this was a large Parish the Marriage index has been split up into four pages

The Parish Registers and other Martock records are available on Duncan Weir's Site Genealogy UK (Currently unavailable 30Jan2012)

Below are two Aerial Photo's of Martock kindly provided by Duncan Weir. More photo's
can be found among the Martock records on Duncan's Site.

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